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      DawnNov 17 06:36 PM

      KARACHI: Little schoolgirls resembling dolls in their pretty dresses all had their eyes focused on that little green dot in the sky as it got bigger and bigger.

    2. Find out more what's going on with these characters in these upcoming books.

    3. Let’s be honest for a moment: gift guides are pretty terrible. Oh, I should buy my mom an iPhone 6s? A GoPro makes a great gift for dad? Beats headphones, you say? A Kindle eBook reader… that never would have occurred to me! Rather than run through a bunch of the year’s most popular products, which are undoubtedly already on your radar, BGR decided to do something different from other sites this...

    4. As streak grows, Warriors keep eyes on prize

    5. Thanks for subscribing! Could not subscribe, try again later The attractive 29-year-old opted for the chic, understated hairstyle paired with her androgynous outfit choice for the unveiling of the Focus Features' flick at the Regency Westwood Village Theatre in California.

    6. Metal Gear Solid Sniper Wolf Figure Revealed

      GameSpot via Yahoo! NewsNov 18 01:30 PM

      Here's some images of the "pretty girl" figure that goes on sale next summer.

    7. I made it through the heartbreak of infertility and came out the other side with grateful eyes that were more open to every...

    8. The Oscar-winning actress stars in the new film 'Secret in Their Eyes.'

    9. Just how bad were the sacks, flags and blown coverages? We look inside the numbers.

    10. Where to next for the pound?

      MoneyWeekNov 25 02:30 AM

      The pound is struggling against the dollar, but is at its highest against the euro since the financial crisis. So what does the future hold for sterling? Dominic Frisby investigates. The post Where to next for the pound? was first published on MoneyWeek .

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