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    1. Rushdie dating Eastwood’s ex?

      Fox NewsApr 06 02:17 AM

      Author Salman Rushdie has added another beauty to his impressive love life.

    2. Mendes and Peake among Hay line-up

      BBC worldApr 11 03:15 AM

      Oscar-winning director Sam Mendes, actress Maxine Peake and author Salman Rushdie are among the line-up for this year's Hay Festival.

    3. Salman Rushdie says there are no “safe spaces” against offensive ideas, nor should we want there to be             

    4. “Cervantes and Shakespeare almost certainly never met, but the closer you look at the pages they left behind the more echoes you hear.

    5. Lashki reveals personal details in new memoir

      Erie Times-NewsApr 16 09:49 PM

      Love, Loss, and What We Ate A Memoir

    6. The pickle queen of India

      The Indian Express via Yahoo! India NewsApr 19 07:24 AM

      “In words and pickles, I have immortalised my memories, although distortions are inevitable in both methods,” writes Saleem Sinai, the protagonist of Salman Rushdie’s Booker-winning Midnight’s Children. For Sinai, pickles are a metaphor for both the country he is from – India – and its muddled history. “Long waits for vegetables and fruits not in season were quite the norm.

    7. Telling tales

      India Today Group News via Yahoo! India NewsApr 06 04:04 PM

      Padma Lakshmi in a no-holds-barred confessional.

    8. By Meredith Blake / Los Angeles Times NEW YORK—If you ever happen to interview Padma Lakshmi, do yourself a favor and let her pick the location. That way, you might just find yourself enjoying a piping-hot plate of spicy orecchiette at an unassuming East Village trattoria while the former model

    9. Bangladeshi student activist hacked to death, latest in a growing trend

      Christian Science Monitor via Yahoo! NewsApr 07 05:46 AM

      A Bangladeshi student who expressed pro-atheist views online was hacked to death Wednesday night as he walked with a friend in the capital, Dhaka. Nazimuddin Samad, who had only recently moved to Dhaka to study law, is the latest in a growing list of secular bloggers killed by religious extremists in the officially secular country. In the latest incident, three machete-wielding men on a ...

    10. Submitted by Giulio Meotti via The Gatestone Institute, The West has capitulated on freedom of expression. Nobody in the West launched the motto "Je Suis Avijit Roy," the name of the first of the several bloggers butchered, flogged or jailed last year for criticizing Islam. Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel, sided with the Turks. She condemned the German comedian's poem, called it a "deliberate...

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