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  1. Some people define themselves as asexual, meaning they do not experience sexual attraction.

  2. Having a famous doppelganger is generally a good thing. If someone tells you that you look like Jackie Kennedy or George Clooney or Idris Elba, a smile's likely to sprout on your face faster than flowers in spring.

  3. OPINION: I've glimpsed the future and her name is Marie Kondo.

  4. 'If there's a Fan sequel, I want a song and dance with Shah Rukh Khan.' Here's introducing Fan girl Shriya Pilgaonkar, who celebrates her birthday today, April 25.

  5. HARDIN | Enjoy Responsibly

    The Cornell Daily SunMay 01 02:18 PM

    Responsibility is scary. People don’t like being reminded that they are responsible for everything they do, and that these actions have consequences. While some things are obviously out of our control, the world is the way it is because of the things people do. To someone like me, who can barely find her toothbrush in […]

  6. IF SOMEONE had told me a year ago I’d feature in several high-profile books about Jeremy Corbyn and the 2015 Labour leadership campaign, I wouldn’t have believed them.

  7. The first time Jillian Mercado thought seriously about becoming a professional model, she decided to seek out a mentor. So she pulled out her laptop and scoured the Internet for someone in the modelling world who looked like she did: someone with a physical disability. Someone who used a wheelchair.

  8. Doug Clark wants to be like Mike - Mike Jackson, that is. A Jackson-sized severance from the City of Spokane Valley would set Doug up nicely in retirement.

  9. that for someone like him, marriage would be a huge distraction and that most artistes at their prime in their trade are bound to crash once they get married. “Marriage is not a thing that you just go into.

  10. The Wall Street I Have Known

    The Wall Street JournalApr 14 04:29 PM

    Bernie Sanders should ask people like me—refugees from collectivist paradises—about income inequality.

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