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    1. TS Eliot and American multimedia artist TV Moore have something in common: their mash-ups tease the audience with things that you know vaguely but which you cannot link in a single narrative.

    2. TS Eliot's verse drama will reopen the Coronet's historic main auditorium

    3. Fresh from her West End debut production of The Mentalists , Wright is reviving TS Eliot's The Cocktail Party at The Print Room

    4. At some point, sky-high valuations in healthcare and technology will look excessive but we're far from there

    5. Would it surprise you to know that Jackson Galaxy of My Cat From Hell fame hates Cats ? That's Cats with a capital 'C' we're talking about – the smash-hit Andrew Lloyd Webber musical. Galaxy is just not a Lloyd-Webber fan. Nor is he a fan of TS Eliot's Old Possum's Book Of Practical Cats , on which the musical is based.

    6. With invigorating pace and rhythm, British history is presented as a vivid mix of tragedy and triumph II.1 (Strophe) Weave the warp, and weave the woof, The winding-sheet of Edward’s race. Give ample room, and verge enough The characters of hell to trace. Mark the year, and mark the night, When Severn shall re-eccho with affright The shrieks of death, thro’ Berkley’s roofs that ring, Shrieks of...

    7. Tributes have been paid to a lecturer and internationally acclaimed poet, Professor Charles Tomlinson.The Professor Emeritus in the English Department at the University of Bristol was one of the most celebrated and distinguished at the institution.Born in Stoke on Trent in 1927, his interest in literature was first fostered by a teacher of Modern Languages, a war time Jewish refugee from Germany...

    8. Roger Luckhurst’s study of splatter schlock and ‘cinema vomitif’ should have been livelier “Almost everyone is a zombie now,” yawns a blasé teenager in one of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight novels. She is updating the heroine Bella – shortly to become a vampire’s virgin bride – on the progress of a horror film they are watching, but she might also be surveying the world outside the cinema. Are we ...

    9. After the horrors of the early 20th century, a generation of writers and thinkers questioned the purpose of humanity as never before Sometimes a work of cultural history surprises and enlightens simply by naming what we had not thought required a name. Reading Mark Greif’s revelatory study of mid-20th-century humanism, I thought often of the bookcase in which my father – a devout, left-leaning ...

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      TechEyeAug 21 10:28 AM

      Software company Microsoft said today it will make 2,300 people redundant in Finland.

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