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    1. TS Eliot daubed his face green; Hemingway stood on the worn skin of a lesser kudu, while F Scott Fitzgerald insisted that a skinful made his prose flow beautifully. What strange habits do you have when you’re writing? When writing, I like to pace backand forth across a room. Usually I don’t even realise I’m doing it until I collide with an inanimate object or an unfortunate passerby. Apparently...

    2. Review: Cats at Blackpool Opera House

      West Moreland GazetteJul 27 01:07 AM

      Spectacular show full of movement and energy

    3. Big clubs have always taken the best players but Champions League progress is harder to identify and the England midfielder is unlikely to change that Never mind what TS Eliot said on the subject, July and August are the cruelest months for football supporters. The minority in the Champions League elite are quite happy, their managers and chief executives can while away the summer hours waving ...

    4. University of Roehampton professor David Harsent has seen an opera he played a key role in creating, performed at the Royal Opera House.

    5. Tag Archives: x86

      TechEyeJul 28 07:45 AM

      Microsoft, like Intel , appears to believe its future is in the internet of things (IoT).

    6. The country retreats of the bohemian elite who triggered a cultural revolution are braced for a busy summer as a lavish retelling of their story comes to BBC2 The decorated furniture, flamboyant fabrics and wall paintings of Charleston, the Sussex home once shared by artists Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant , are now so fragile, and the rooms so small, that tourists go round in groups of only 10 ...

    7. Brand Prediction Title

      Channel 4Jul 07 03:57 AM

      Events and services are taking place across the UK to remember the 52 victims of the attack, who were murdered by four suicide bombers who targeted London's transport network on 7 July 2005.

    8. Tag Archives: atom

      TechEyeJul 15 03:31 AM

      Boffins have emerged from their smoke filled labs with a transistor which works at an atomic level.

    9. The recent slew of writers leaving the capital in disgust are deluded if they think it’s getting worse. For a transplant from north Wales, London has certainly seemed divisive and repellent at times – but also magnificent Last year my daughter found a curious relic on the Thames shore near Shakespeare’s Globe. The object she plucked from the lapping waters was a red clay tile with a dog’s ...

    10. Harper Lee’s ‘parent novel’ to To Kill a Mockingbird sets tills ringing despite ambivalent reception Despite the widespread doubts over the decision to publish Go Set A Watchman, and despite the cries of horror that went up around the world over the weekend as readers discovered that the godlike hero of To Kill a Mockingbird, Atticus Finch, had become a racist, the novel sold more than 105,000 ...

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