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    1. Poem of the week: Yangtze by Sarah Howe

      The GuardianMay 02 03:00 AM

      An elliptical account of a journey down the Chinese river subtly registers the impact of massive environmental damage Yangtze The moon glimmers in the brown channel. Strands of mist wrap the mountainsides crowded with firs. Continue reading...

    2. Mastermind: In the hotseat

      StuffApr 30 11:22 AM

      We're in an anonymous office suite on a sunny day, with views across the green expanse of Victoria Park, not beneath an intimidating spotlight in the gothic darkness of the Auckland University Clocktower.

    3. Lisa Anne Auerbach created a ‘megazine’ of structures reminiscent of shopping malls or warehouses, hidden away from the centre of cities, where thousands of people go to worship every week “I started photographing megachurches as an oppositional idea,” explains Lisa Anne Auerbach , a California photographer and artist. “I had been doing a series about small free-standing businesses ...

    4. Today, if someone posts a comment or makes a remark that sounds antisemitic the reaction is panicked denial.

    5. Leo Butler finds poetry in cracked pavements.

    6. The main headline on the front page of the EADT on April 18, 1975 – “Dig for victory call to farmers” – summed up the sentiments of a new Government White Paper, urging more home-produced food.

    7. No contemporary playwright creates a greater buzz than Englishman Jez Butterworth. Mark Rylance took London and New York by storm in his Jerusalem and in 2014 New York went crazy when Hugh Jackman did The River.

    8. Celebrating the life and work of Gerard Manley Hopkins

      Independent Catholic NewsApr 05 03:47 PM

      Two days of activities are planned this month to celebrate the life of prominent Jesuit priest and poet Gerard Manley Hopkins (1844-1889). This year, for the first time, they will take place at the manor house in Roehampton, London, where he carried out part of his training for the priesthood.

    9. In a Broken Land

      The Indian Express via Yahoo! India NewsApr 08 05:10 PM

      For those who wish to know more of Manipur and its complex maze of often mutually antagonistic issues, Anubha Bhonsle's Mother Where’s My Country? Looking for Light in the Darkness of Manipur provides a refreshing vantage.

    10. Popular musicals coming back include Chicago and The Rocky Horror Show

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