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    1. Leading British playwright Tom Stoppard’s “Indian Ink” gets its Seattle premiere from Sound Theatre Company, at Center Theatre, Aug. 13-30.

    2. Snapshot: Tom Stoppard on playwriting

      Arts JournalAug 12 04:24 AM

      Tom Stoppard describes how he starts to write a play. This is an excerpt from an episode of Theater Talk originally telecast on February 8, 2008: (This is the latest in a series of arts-related videos that appear in this space each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.)

    3. A review of Tom Stoppard’s play “Indian Ink,” copresented by Sound Theatre Company and Pratidhwani at Center Theatre.

    4. Thalian Association has debuted its final show of the summer season, a play by Tom Stoppard called The Real Thing .

    5. “There is presumably a calendar date—a moment —when the onus of proof passed from the atheist to the believer, when, quite suddenly, secretly, the noes had it.”

    6. “Oh, you’re going to zap me with penicillin and pesticides. Spare me that and I’ll spare you the bomb and aerosols. But don’t confuse progress with perfectibility.”

    7. India Ink Is Multicultural Poetry With a Plot

      The Huffington PostAug 18 01:21 PM

      Tom Stoppard's India Ink -- the latest co-production of Sound Theatre Company and Pratidhwani -- is a complicated multigenerational story of love and cultural change set in both colonial India and modern day England. It takes the audience on a roller coaster ride with characters bouncing between times and places, which can be a bit confusing. Still, the entire production is dominated by a poetic...

    8. Almanac: Tom Stoppard on artists

      Arts JournalAug 17 04:09 AM

      “I repeat—how can the artist justify himself? The answer is that he cannot, and should stop boring himself with his egocentric need to try. The artist is a lucky dog. That is all there is to say about him.

    9. “The National Gallery is a monument to irrationality! Every concert hall is a monument to irrationality!—and so is a nicely kept garden, or a lover’s favour, or a home for stray dogs!

    10. Princeton Summer Theater’s double bill of one-acts, The Actor’s Nightmare (1981) by Christopher Durang and The Real Inspector Hound (1968) by Tom Stoppard, is an insider’s delight with both plays set in a theater, both plays about plays, performances and actors (and, in the latter case, critics too).

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