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    1. In 1941, the Grand Coulee Dam on the Columbia River began producing electrical power for the Pacific Northwest.

    2. On March 21, 1965, more than 300 civil rights demonstrators began a four-day march from Selma to Montgomery, Ala., to demand protection of voting rights.

    3. On March 20, 1976, San Francisco newspaper heiress and kidnapping victim Patty Hearst was convicted of bank robbery. Hearst served 22 months in prison and eventually was granted a full pardon.

    4. On March 18, In 1937, a natural gas explosion at a public school in New London, Texas, killed almost 300 people, most of them children.

    5. On March 19, 1916, eight Curtiss JN-3 "Jenny" airplanes with the First Aero Squadron took off from Columbus, N.M., to aid troops that had invaded Mexico in pursuit of the bandit Pancho Villa. It was the first U.S. air combat mission in history.

    6. On March 17, 1917, Russia appeared headed toward a republic following the end of the 300-year-old rule of the Romanoff family.

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