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    1. From Nicole Kidman’s Virginia Woolf to Emma Thompson’s Carrington, the Bloomsbury group have enjoyed a starry presence on screen, but as BBC2’s Life in Squares reminds us, their appeal has little do with paintings and books “The Bloomsbury set defied convention in their morals,” the Daily Mail enthused uncharacteristically ahead of Life in Squares , “and blazed a trail with their take on design...

    2. Braying and baiting, Emma Messenger is appropriately terrifying as Martha, a force of nature as the unfulfilled wife of a college history professor in Edward Albee's "Who's Afraid of Virginia

    3. Having watched a preview of the first episode and a teaser of the second and third, it seems to me the series is more bonkbuster than serious biopic, yet I have no doubt it will be a hit, writes EMMA WOOLF.

    4. Woolfians defend famous literary view

      BBC CornwallJul 24 04:58 PM

      Relatives and fans of the author Virginia Woolf are trying to block development plans that would "destroy" a famous literary view.

    5. Once, while thumbing through my favorite book -- To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf -- I found a scrap of paper wedged within the "Time Passes" section. "Hey," it read, "you found me! I love you." The scrawl (sloppy, Sharpie-thick) was my ex-boyfriend's. Things had ended on not-great terms, resulting in a purging of all goofy or heartfelt e-mail exchanges (hundreds), but I decided to hang on to...

    6. The lives of Virginia Woolf, John Maynard Keynes and the others members of the Bloomsbury set have been captured for TV in a racy three-part BBC2 series charting their relationships.

    7. Their ideals of sex and bohemia are attractive to TV producers, but they never made it into the real world I was listening to two friends, both academics, talk: “Isn’t it weird,” one said, “that we had very radical ideas when we were undergraduates, but we’ve ended up in these very traditional, monogamous relationships.” “Not really,” said the other, “because I’m not interested in sex and I only...

    8. Thalian Association has opened its second show of the group's summer season at the Red Barn Studio in Wilmington.

    9. Yearning for past brings sweet pain

      The West Australian via Yahoo!7 NewsJul 20 08:17 PM

      Virginia Woolf once wrote that memory was a capricious seamstress. Max Beerbohm, on the other hand, saw memory as “a great artist”, selecting and rejecting and shaping.

    10. Literary followers around the world unite against plans to build flats that would spoil the view that inspired To The Lighthouse

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