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  1. Five Best: Ann Hulbert

    The Wall Street Journal2 days ago

    1.Buoyant bossiness suffuses Shirley Temple Black’s autobiography, published the year she turned 60. The role she convincingly claims for herself is familiar from her movies, which brought cheer ...

  2. Sunday Reading: Critics on the Classics

    The New Yorker13 hours ago

    “Lolita” has “prodded one of the few remaining raw nerves of the twentieth century”: that was how Donald Malcolm, one of The New Yorker’s book critics, reacted to Vladimir Nabokov ...

  3. Paperback Row

    New York Times2 days ago

    Letters to Véra, by Vladimir Nabokov. Edited and translated by Olga Voronina and Brian Boyd. (Vintage, $20.) For over 50 years, Véra was a “song,” a muse, a protector for her husband ...

  4. New & Noteworthy

    New York Times3 days ago

    NIKOLAI GOGOL By Vladimir Nabokov. (New Directions, $16.95.) In Nabokov’s classic biography of the Russian novelist, newly reissued, he begins with Gogol’s death and works ...

  5. Wolfgang Saxon

    New York Times3 days ago

    Recent and archived work by Wolfgang Saxon for The New York Times

  6. To Be, or Not to Be

    New York Review of Books3 days ago

    This essay was delivered in a slightly different form as the Robert B. Silvers Lecture at the New York Public Library on December 18, 2017. This was our application for an exit visa to leave ...

  7. When Maxim Shrayer traveled to Moscow for a five-day visit at the end of October 2016, his itinerary included a trip to the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center. Shrayer, who emigrated from Russia ...

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