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    1. By William Sokolic MAYS LANDING, N.J. (Reuters) - A judge compared a New Jersey grandmother to gangster Al Capone on Wednesday and sentenced her to 55 years in prison for stabbing and dismembering her husband and then keeping his remains for years. Convicted murderer Loretta Doyle Burroughs, 63, who prosecutors said carried "two Tupperware containers" of her butchered husband' s remains through...

    2. What are the most disturbing novels?

      The GuardianApr 10 5:30 AM

      Brett Easton Ellis has haunted some of our readers for days, and on the books desk we’re still getting over certain depictions of dangerous obsessions and hellish orgies. Which fiction has most unnerved you? While we often discuss lovely, life-affirming quotes and sweetly memorable scenes in books, reader slovenia46 recently suggested we talked about the grim. We did a quick sweep of the books ...

    3. Oscars: What's the Ideal Size of the Best Picture Category? (Podcast)

      The Hollywood Reporter via Yahoo! NewsApr 08 21:00 PM

      Two distinguished members of the Academy — Marcia Nasatir, the first woman ever to serve as a vice president of production in Hollywood, and Howard Rodman, vice president of WGA West — joined THR's awards analyst Scott Feinberg for the third installment of 'The Geezer and The Kid.'

    4. Your space to discuss the books you are reading and what you think of them Read more Tips, links and suggestions blogs Welcome to this week’ s blog. Here’ s a roundup of your comments and photos from last week. This week, we’re welcoming new readers to this blog. Nicolas Cannon wrote: The Western Lands, by William Burroughs – the darkest of satire, and filled with more wit, imagination, and ...

    5. The revelations in last night's premiere of Alex Gibney's doc Going Clear left plenty of mouths agape — from abuse allegations at Sea Org to charges that John Travolta is being blackmailed — but 119 minutes wasn't nearly long enough to cover every Scientology scandal. What about Katie Holmes? And David ... More »

    6. “Oh, go ahead, yes, smoke,” John Giorno said to me. He was walking between rooms in The Bunker at 222 Bowery. “I don’t smoke, but you can smoke. I like the smell of it.”

    7. L. Ron Hubbard began Scientology’ s “Project Celebrity” in 1955, offering a list of 63 high-profile targets and a “small plaque” as a reward to anyone who successfully brought the likes of Bob Hope and Ernest Hemingway into the church. “There are many to whom America and the world listens...” Scientology’ s blustery founder wrote in a newsletter announcing the plan. “It is obvious what would ...

    8. Shakespeare in the Shade continues April 18

      Magnolia PotpourriApr 21 6:48 AM

      One of Shakespeare’s most enduring romantic comedies, As You Like It, came to life during Precinct 4’s annual Shakespeare in the Shade presentation April 10 and 11 at Burroughs Park at 9738 Hufsmith R

    9. They terrify us, these bloodthirsty beasts hiding and waiting to nibble. Their amazing history dates back centuries

    10. Though she certainly wouldn't have called herself one at the time, Bettina Hager suspects she was a feminist by age 6 or 7. She knew she was "supposed to like" pink and instead announced to anyone who'd listen that her favorite color was navy blue. She loved math and was hell-bent on running faster than boys.

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