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    1. The Theology of Patti Smith

      The New YorkerOct 06 10:56 AM

      Patti Smith loves coffee. It courses through her new memoir, “M Train,” like a dark, steaming river, connecting her various adventures. In her early twenties, Smith travelled to Veracruz, Mexico, on the advice of William S. Burroughs, who advised her that the best coffee beans in the world were grown in the mountains there, but she’ s no snob: a large serving from 7-Eleven—accompanied, on ...

    2. Navy League Home Tour includes 1798 French Quarter home once owned by Beat writer William S. Burroughs

    3. Her Private Papers

      New York Review of BooksOct 01 02:53 PM

      Geoffrey O’Brien M Train by Patti Smith I remember hearing of Patti Smith first as a neighborhood rumor and then, by the time she was performing widely, a local legend who managed to combine the roles of poet, visual artist, and rock and roller, a skeletally thin black-clad androgynous merging of Rimbaud and Pirate Jenny, or of Irma Vep and one of William Burroughss Wild Boys. When it came out...

    4. Dunno how my tireless staff of thousands missed this. It’s as striking a summary of Burroughss life and writing as I’ve seen. His best biographer gives a sense of the man and his work that is very different from the public impression of him.

    5. Before his death in 1997, American writer, poet and performer William S. Burroughs dabbled very briefly in game development, serving as a voice actor on Inscape's 1995 PC horror game The Dark Eye. ...

    6. Patti Smith, Survivor

      New York TimesOct 03 08:29 AM

      In her new memoir, “M Train,” the punk elder makes peace with her ghosts and finds solace in a century-old bungalow in the Rockaways.

    7. A Sentence for the Ages

      Arts JournalOct 04 10:39 AM

      He might spend a blessèd day with a bottle of absinthe, oblivious to the sun that fell like a stone, dozing peacefully under the muddled stars in a pool of his own vomit.

    8. For 40 years, iconic British producer Jeremy Thomas , whose latest feature High-Rise world premiered at Toronto, has been challenging audiences — and his financiers — with uncompromising, auteur-led fare through his Recorded Picture Company. His filmography is studded with upscale productions and earned him a special place in cinematic history. Whether becoming the first Western producer to ...

    9. AC Institute Is Having a Launch Party

      Arts JournalSep 22 04:09 PM

      Listen to “Speed Bump 4 Eva.” My staff of thousands says it’s perfect music for the image.

    10. Things you want, need and love to do

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