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    1. Zionist savagery in Gaza revealed by Israeli veterans

    2. Sixty-seven years of the Nakba

      Al-Ahram WeeklyMay 21 04:07 PM

      On 15 May every year, Palestinians all over the world commemorate the anniversary of the Nakba, or “Catastrophe,” that led to the Palestinian people being forcibly expelled from their homes by Zionist militias in a systematic drive to create an exclusively Jewish state in Palestine.

    3. Zionist tactics

      Arab NewsMay 06 02:31 AM

      The report “Zionist savagery in Gaza revealed by Israeli veterans” (May 5) should serve as an eye-opener to those who blindly support the Zionist regime and turns a blind eye to the Israeli atrocities committed against the helpless Palestinians.

    4. Zionist Union MKsheld theirweekly meeting in Dimona and joined the demonstration.

    5. ALSO IN News

      Al BawabaMay 10 11:14 PM

      A group of Zionist settlers have physically assaulted a Palestinian woman and her young children in the Old City of al-Khalil (Hebron) in southern West Bank.

    6. Who’s to Blame for FIFA Arrests? Jews, of Course.

      The New York ObserverMay 29 03:23 PM

      As the United States begins blessedly to clean out the dark, vile hallways of the international soccer organization, FIFA, you can bet that the pampered elites in the crosshairs of the Justice Department won’t be going quietly.

    7. How Herzl sold out the Armenians

      Haaretz DailyMay 01 05:14 PM

      He supported the brutal Ottoman sultan against them, believing this would get the sultan to sell Palestine to the Jews.

    8. Birthright: solely for the Jews

      العربي الجديدMay 12 07:18 AM

      Comment: The Zionist Birthright programme gives young Jews a racist and biased perspective about life in Israel, says Amjad Nasser.

    9. Iran says Yemen security 'like our own'

      AFP via Yahoo! NewsMay 02 09:03 AM

      Iran considers the security of Yemen to be like its own, Deputy Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian said Saturday, denouncing "adventurist actions" by Saudi Arabia, the state television website reported. "We consider the security of Yemen to be the security of the region and of Iran. "The fact that Saudi Arabia is focused on the war against Yemen only benefits the Zionist regime and ...

    10. Did the Palestinians sell their country to the Zionists?

      العربي الجديدMay 11 08:18 AM

      Comment: The Palestinians did not leave their land voluntarily in 1948 as argued by Israel and some Arab states - they left because they were ethnically cleansed, says Badr al-Ibrahim.

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