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    1. The term, “non-Zionist synagogue” is problematic. If there can be a “non-Zionist synagogue,” the implication is that there are “Zionist synagogues.” And although individuals may identify themselves as Zionists or not, congregations are neither; they are Jewish — and they welcome people of differing viewpoints, particularly when it comes to Zionism.

    2. When Lior Zaltzman heard about Tzedek Chicago, a non-Zionist synagogue, she realized she probably had much in common with its congregants. But as an Israeli citizen, she won’t be joining them. Here’s why.

    3. J.E. Reich, who specializes in postcolonial studies, is maybe the last person you’d expect to self-identify as a Zionist. She explains why she’s reclaiming the word anyway — and why you should, too.

    4. Now that Rabbi Brant Rosen has founded Tzedek Chicago, an explicitly non-Zionist congregation, Jonathan Katz asks: Is this the model millennials have long craved — and will we soon see more like it?

    5. AS THE violent zionist insurgency in Palestine gathers pace in 1946, British Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin wonders “will it never end?” — or at least he does in Brian Rotman’s compelling new play A Land Without People.

    6. In search of a hero

      Arab NewsJul 31 09:00 PM

      Some 60 YEARS ago the new Egyptian ruler, Gamal Abdal Nasser, wrote a book about the “Philosophy of the Revolution.” Imitating the playwright Luigi Pirandello (“Six Characters in Search of an Author”) he claimed that the task of unifying the Arab world was “in search of a hero.”

    7. A Blight Unto Nations 18 04:25 PM

      It is one year now since Israel's brutal Operation Protective Edge blitz all butobliterated much of the defenceless Gaza Strip. The 50-day assault was yet another tragic human rights outrage among countless other violations of international law perpetrated ...

    8. Days before Iran agreed to a landmark nuclear deal, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's official website showed the leader trampling on a painted representation of the Israeli flag and condemning the Jewish nation. reported that the caption on the photo reads: "The Zionist Regime is Condemned to Vanish," according ...

    9. Coming Out As a Pro-Palestinian Zionist

      The Huffington PostJul 06 07:50 AM

      I looked down at my phone screen, shocked that I had done it. I had just referred to myself openly on Twitter as a Pro-Palestinian Zionist. I immediately questioned myself. Should I delete it? Should I explain it? Should I insert the normal 20 stipulations that seem to be necessary for any conversation about Israel and Zionism, but fail to fit into a 140-character format? Would I, as a thirty ...

    10. BETHLEHEM, Palestine, July 20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Rev. John Hagee is the founder and National Chairman of the well funded Christian- Zionist organization Christians United For Israel. Rev. Terry McIntosh is a lesser known personality, but appearing on the scene recently out of near obscurity. Palestinian press says that his message is a far cry from Zionist teachings including values of ...

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