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    1. US, Turkey Struggle to Define Syrian 'Moderates' for Proposed 'Safe Zone'

      Russian Information Agency NovostiJul 31 12:20 PM

      The United States and Turkey have yet to identify a group of "moderate insurgents" capable of leading an operation to clear Islamic State (IS) militants from a stretch of territory along the Turkey-Syria border.

    2. Donald Trump: A False Flag Candidate?

      Zero HedgeJul 14 02:27 AM

      Submitted by Justin Raimondo via Antiwar. com , That we have to take Donald Trump seriously confirms my longstanding prognosis that we’ve entered another dimension in which up is down, black is white, and reason is dethroned: in short, we’re living in BizarroWorld , and the landscape is not very inviting. Yet explore it I must, since the reality TV star and professional self-promoter is rising in...

    3. Submitted by Dan Sanchez via AntiWar. com , To understand today’s crises in Iraq, Syria, Iran, and elsewhere, one must grasp their shared Lebanese connection. This assertion may seem odd. After all, what is the big deal about Lebanon? That little country hasn’t had top headlines since Israel deigned to bomb and invade it in 2006. Yet, to a large extent, the roots of the bloody tangle now ...

    4. You might think most of them would be unhappy. You'd be wrong.

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