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    1. Democracy and transparency in the partial elections held in Cuba this April 19 were at the height of the victory of the Bay of Pigs 54 yeas ago, as the true and worthy Cuban people cast their votes for the Homeland; and the norhteastern province of Holguin was no exception, whose 89, 56 percent of its voters did it, out of 742 486 electors registered.

    2. One of the piquant questions of Cold War history is, could the Miami Herald have talked President John F. Kennedy out of the Bay of Pigs operation? In a little-known collision of journalism and national security, the Herald, seven months before the Bay of Pigs, had prepared a news story saying that the United States was planning to launch a military operation against Cuba. But the paper’s top ...

    3. Remembering the Bay of Pigs invasion

      Al Jazeera via Yahoo UK & Ireland NewsApr 16 9:44 AM

      Fifty-four years after the failed CIA operation, Cubans there on Giron beach recount the botched raid.

    4. Thought for Today: "I think America is richer in intelligence than any other country in the world; and that its intelligence is more scattered than in any country of the world." - Will Durant, American historian (1885-1981).

    5. Cuba always a challenge to US leaders

      Stars and StripesApr 20 6:30 AM

      “You know, next time you’re going to have to do better, Mr. President.”

    6. Fifty-four years after the invasion that put US and Cuba’s relationship at rock bottom, Obama’s popularity is even higher than Fidel and Raúl Castro As he has done every April for the past 53 years, Percy Gómez Darna will mark Sunday’s anniversary of the Bay of Pigs invasion by remembering his fallen comrades and celebrating what is known in Cuba as the first great Latin American victory over ...

    7. “You know, next time you’re going to have to do better, Mr. President.”That was former President Dwight D. Eisenhower, talking with successor John F. Kennedy about the devastating failed invasion of Cuba at the Bay of Pigs in early 1961. JFK had reached out for political cover, and also insight regarding the military defeat and diplomatic disaster at the start of his administration.The current ...

    8. On this day: April 20

      Local 10 MiamiApr 19 23:01 PM

      Harriet Tubman begins her work with the Underground Railroad, Fenway Park opens, the Bay of Pigs Invasion fails, and tragedy hits Columbine High School, all on this day.

    9. On this day in 1961, US troops landed in the Bay of Pigs on the south coast of Cuba in what would become a major embarrassment for America. The post 17 April 1961: Bay of Pigs invasion begins was first published on MoneyWeek .

    10. On this day in history - April 17th, 1961

      WLBT 3 JacksonApr 17 7:02 AM

      The U.S. supported Cuban-exile Brigade 2506 launches its amphibious attack against the Bay of Pigs in Cuba.

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