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  1. The Iraq War’s Known Unknowns

    consortiumnews.comJan 26 02:26 PM

    Exclusive: In September 2002, as the Bush-43 administration was rolling out its ad campaign for invading Iraq because of alleged WMD, the Joint Chiefs of Staff received a briefing about the paucity of WMD evidence. But the report was shelved and the war went on, as ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern explains. By Ray McGovern There is a…

  2. A Rough Night for the Frontrunners

    The Atlantic via Yahoo! NewsFeb 06 08:31 PM

    When is it bad to be a frontrunner? During a presidential debate three days before the New Hampshire primary, evidently. At Saturday night’s forum in Manchester, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and Donald Trump all hit rough patches, while three often-overshadowed governors—Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, and John Kasich—delivered some of their strongest moments of the campaign so far.

  3. Hillary Clinton is pushing back against criticism of her vote as a Senator in 2002 to authorize the Iraq war, The Hill reports . "I have a much longer history than one vote, which I said was a mistake because of the way that it was done and how the Bush administration handled it," the Democratic presidential front-runner said at CNN's Democratic town hall in Des Moines, Iowa. But many Democrats...

  4. Govt will share secret report with Labor

    BigPond NewsFeb 01 07:37 AM

    The govt allows one member of Labor to see a confidential part of the trade union commission's report.

  5. Hillary Clinton’s Iraq War Albatross

    consortiumnews.comJan 30 06:36 AM

    George W. Bush’s Iraq invasion may rank as the worst foreign policy disaster in U.S. history – spreading chaos across the Mideast and now into Europe, yet polls show Democrats nationwide favor nominating Hillary Clinton, who voted for the war and backed it even after Bush’s WMD claims were debunked, recalls Stephen Zunes. By Stephen…

  6. The Republican candidates met four days before the New Hampshire primary

  7. WASHINGTON -- The Pentagon on Friday begrudgingly released 198 photos  showing  abuse of detainees held by U.S. forces in Iraq and Afghanistan during the George W. Bush administration.  The afternoon dump of photos, in response to a 2004  Freedom of Information Act lawsuit brought by the American Civil Liberties Union, is only a fraction of the 2,000 torture-related photographs the ACLU has ...

  8. It was U.S. regime change and a decade of brutal war that led to the rise of ISIS, not Saddam — it's official

  9. A list of 15 suspicious or interesting claims.

  10. Lauren McCauley, staff writer The Pentagon on Friday was forced to release nearly 200 photographs of bruises, lacerations, and other injuries inflicted on prisoners presumably by U.S. military personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan. The record-dump was the result of a Freedom of Information Act request and nearly 12 years of litigation by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), which fought to ...

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