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    1. Obama has 'diminished' U.S. power, Cheney says in new book

      Reuters via Yahoo! NewsApr 07 13:33 PM

      Former Vice President Dick Cheney, already a fierce critic of President Barack Obama, accuses him in an upcoming book of allowing American power to become "significantly diminished" even as the threat of terrorism rises. Cheney renews his criticism of Obama in "Exceptional: Why The World Needs a Powerful America," a book co-authored with his eldest daughter, Liz Cheney, due to be published on ...

    2. GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (AP) — Lynne Cheney says Betty Ford broke taboos and advanced women's health when she spoke publicly about her breast cancer.

    3. Former Vice President Dick Cheney, during an interview with a conservative radio host, accused President Obama of trying to destroy the country from within and said his policies are the work of someone trying to "take America down."

    4. Dick and Liz Cheney attack Obama leadership in new book

      The Christian Science MonitorApr 07 7:24 AM

      Dick and Liz Cheney's new book, 'Exceptional: Why the World Needs a Powerful America,' will be published on Sept. 1.

    5. There was Dick Cheney , as always, arguing that the only way to deal with Iran was to bomb it back to 1953. But President George W. Bush, on the unanimous advice of his generals, decided such a campaign would be a disaster—and Cheney began an end run that’s working wonders with today’s top Republicans. Read more...

    6. Stewart wore a detective hat to crack the case.

    7. New book by Dick Cheney takes on Barack Obama

      Associated Press via Yahoo! NewsApr 07 6:29 AM

      NEW YORK (AP) — The next book by former Vice President Dick Cheney is aimed directly at President Barack Obama.

    8. Former Vice President Dick Cheney is releasing a new book co-authored with his daughter Liz Cheney aimed squarely at President Barack Obama.

    9. In the 15 months since she quit the race for one of Wyoming's U.S. Senate seats, Liz Cheney said she’s been busy writing a book with her father, running a group that promotes more U.S. involvement in world affairs and appearing as a Fox News contributor.

    10. Jon Stewart has noted that Dick Cheney spews hot air for years, and Thursday, he literally morphed Cheney into just that. After playing a montage of Cheney’s best anti-Obama clips, Stewart put donned his beret and pipe while bringing out a balloon version of Cheney. Sinking into his most interrogative tone against hot-air Cheney, Stewart grilled him on his comments that President Obama has ...

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