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    1.  LinuxPitStop: Parsix is a Debian based Linux operating system; the design goal of this distribution is to provide an easy to use operating system for laptop and desktop users.

    2. Valve has just released the second major preview version of SteamOS, though it mainly brings undisclosed, under-the-hood changes. The new version is codenamed “Brewmaster,” and is based on Debian Linux 8.1. This follows the original launch of the Debian 7.1-based “Alchemist” in December 2013. “Although there are a lot of changes under the covers, the overall functionality and experience of ...

    3. MyLinuxRig: Neil is being modest when he calls Debian Project Leader a figurehead position.

    4. Browser snuck proprietary voice-snoop code into distro The Debian Project thinks it's fixed an issue where Google's Chromium web browser snuck proprietary code into the fiercely Free Software oriented Debian Linux distro. That hasn't stopped Debian users from wondering how the issue got past project maintainers in the first place.…

    5. Monara is a light and fast operating system based on Debian 8.1 base, built on the Openbox window manager with #! tweaks.

    6. It seems like it was just yesterday (it wasn't) that Debian 8 was released. Time already for Debian devs to update and Debian 8.1 was released on June 6.

    7.  LinuxPitStop: OpenMediaVault is a free Network Attached Storage operating system, it is an architecture independent Linux distro; which means it can be installed on any type of hardware.

    8. The Core Infrastructure Initiative , a project managed by The Linux Foundation that enables technology companies, industry stakeholders and esteemed developers to collaboratively identify and fund critical ...

    9.  HowToForge: This tutorial explains how to upgrade your Debian system from Wheezy to Jessie in a few simple steps.

    10.  tecmint : Much of the power behind Linux comes from the command line and the ability for a system to be managed easily remotely.

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