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  1. The province plans to take several companies to court over a clause in PPAs it says offloads money-losing contracts onto consumers

  2. Enron

    InvestopediaJul 22 07:07 AM

    A U.S. energy-trading and utilities company that housed one of the biggest accounting frauds in history. Enron's executives employed accounting practices that falsely inflated the company's revenues, which, at the height of the scandal, made the firm become the seventh largest corporation in the United States.

  3. Irked by Alberta power companies offloading money-losing contracts onto the public, the province is taking legal action against utilities benefiting from a regulation they’ve dubbed the “Enron Clause.”

    Alberta NDP challenge coal power buying rule, sa... - The Canadian Press via Yahoo Canada News

  4. How to Tell a Company Is In Trouble

    U.S.News & World Report via Yahoo! NewsJul 21 03:00 AM

    Fifteen Justin Bieber downloads pop up in your iTunes account. Justin Bieber, a buddy of the CEO, is named to the board of directors. Case in point: Tyco stock tanked nearly 80 percent in 2002, as CEO Dennis Kozlowski and other senior executives looted the company.

  5. The province is going to court to prevent some of Alberta's biggest power companies from using what the government calls a secret and illegal clause that allows them to abandon agreements — worth up to $2 billion — to purchase power from coal-fired power plants. The government is seeking a court order declaring the clause, which has been in place since 2000 when the power purchasing agreements ...

  6. The regulation, passed by the previous Conservative government, allows power companies to hand back agreements to buy electricity from coal-fired plants when they stand to lose money.

    NDP take aim at power companies - Mayerthorpe Freelancer

    News Provincial - Lacombe Globe

  7. Prolificity: A short series on the methods, meaning and occasional madness of the creatively super-productive. Alex Gibney’s first movie came out 11 years ago. He’s since directed 27 more, which in the slow-burn medium of documentary film might be unprecedented; it beats the average director’s pace by a factor of ... More »

  8. The trick this new documentary used to talk to anonymous NSA whistleblowers

    Business Insider via Yahoo! FinanceJul 07 12:57 PM

    Alex Gibney has made a living making movies about topics that people don't want to talk about...

  9. Learn about four of the most successful market calls ever made by U.S. and European traders whose predictions triggered huge shareholder and personal gains.

  10. Credit Suisse is tripling its bonuses

    Seeking AlphaJul 03 12:44 PM

    Other banks (Deutsche Bank, UBS, Barclays) did not introduce significant increases to bonus pools. nice job credit do deserve those bonuses! especially with your buy rating on Enron when it collapsed.

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