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    1. Japan’s Enron reckoning

      The Japan TimesJul 31 10:54 AM

      NEW YORK – More than a dozen years ago, the United States experienced a rash of high-profile accounting scandals. Now it’s Japan’s turn.

    2. When the rich and powerful screw up: Shraga Biran, Mega’s controlling shareholder, joins the hall of shame of failed corporate titans like Enron's Jeffrey Skilling and WorldCom's Bernie Ebbers - who don’t like taking blame either.

    3. SAFT ON WEALTH-Using Benford's Law to avoid corporate chicanery

      Reuters via Yahoo! FinanceJul 08 01:00 PM

      Investors wanting to dodge the next Enron, or just outperform the market, might want to pay particular attention to the first digits, and only the first digits, in numbers in company accounts. Called Benford's Law, after the physicist who discovered it in 1938, it describes a well observed fact: in naturally occurring sets of numbers of sufficient size the first digits are not evenly distributed...

    4. The rogues gallery of accounting scandals

      AAP via Yahoo! New Zealand FinanceJul 21 04:31 PM

      Founded less than 20 years before it imploded, Enron sprinted to become one the world's biggest commodity and energy companies with deep political connections. The Houston company set a new standard for creative accounting practices. The bad investments and debt eventually caught up with Enron, which filed bankruptcy protection and vanished.

    5. The rogues gallery of accounting scandals through the years

      Associated Press via Yahoo! NewsJul 21 09:28 AM

      The resignation of nine Toshiba executives, including the CEO, for doctoring books places the company beside the growing rogues' gallery of corporate desperados. Here's a look at some of the most notorious. ...

    6. TOKYO - Japanese electronics maker Toshiba's accounting malpractice could have sparked a sell-off of a wide range of other issues, but it did not. Since the April 3 announcement of its profit-padding, the electronics maker's stock price tumbled 24 per cent, as of the end of last week. However, the Nikkei Stock Average has risen 6 per cent over the same period. Looking back, there were huge ...

    7. JPMorgan Chase has appointed its general counsel, Stephen M. Cutler, to vice chairman, the bank...

    8. A former U.S. special-operations soldier turned math wonk is shaking up the world of commodity trading.

    9. Iceberg Research lambastes PwC’s third-party review on Noble

      Singapore Business Review via Yahoo! FinanceJul 21 01:05 AM

      PwC won't answer questions, the group says. Iceberg Research is at it again after months of inactivity. The short-seller today took aim at Noble Group's so-called assurance review on its financials, which will be undertaken by PwC.

    10. WASHINGTON -- With Democrats already within the very walls of the U.S. Capitol and financial reform taking hold in the provinces, congressional Republicans issued a stark warning this week: Repeal Dodd-Frank, or the Roman Empire will fall. Former Sen. Phil Gramm (R-Texas) returned to Washington on Tuesday at his party's invitation to act as the GOP's top witness in a congressional hearing. He ...

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