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    1. Eritrea 'haemorrhaging' youth fleeing atrocities: Amnesty

      AFP via Yahoo! India NewsDec 01 01:01 PM

      Eritrea's claims it has ended indefinite national service are untrue and refugees arriving in Europe should not be deemed economic migrants, Amnesty International said Wednesday, warning of "persistent atrocities". Refugees from the repressive Red Sea state make up the third-largest number of people risking the dangerous journey to Europe after Syrians and Afghans, running the gauntlet of ...

    2. Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are paying Eritrea to help fight its anti-Houthi military campaign in Yemen in an agreement that may violate United Nations sanctions against the Horn of Africa nation, according to a UN report.

    3. Manitoulin welcomes Eritrean refugees

      The Sudbury StarNov 29 10:54 PM

      Eritrea's refugee crisis may not be of the same scale or receive the same worldwide attention as that in Syria, the situation is just as bleak for more than 300,000 refugees from the tiny East African nation currently living in refugee camps.

    4. [Reporter] Recent reports show that Eritrea is officially involved in the Yemeni crisis allowing the Saudi-led Arab coalition to use its Assab port, airspace and territorial waters in fighting the Houthi rebels.

    5. The Bank of Eritrea recently announced that all Nakfa notes in circulation must be exchanged for new government-issued notes. The decision by the country’s central financial institution is expected to have a major impact on the economy. While the nationwide currency replacement program is not meant to change the value of the money, as the exchange will be on a one-to-one basis, observers ...

    6. KAMPALA, Uganda (AP) Eritrea has been excluded from East Africa's main soccer tournament this month because of political tensions with host Ethiopia.

    7. Tens of thousands of Eritreans have arrived at Europe's shores in recent years seeking asylum. They make up a significant share of the unprecedented stream of migrants and refugees making their way to the European Union, undertaking dangerous journeys while challenging the bloc to find a collective response consistent with refugee law.

    8. It has been three years since the United Nations began investigating alleged human rights abuses in Eritrea. Earlier this year, Commission of Inquiry presented its first report to the the U.N. Human Rights Council, describing arbitrary arrests, extrajudicial killings, disappearances and imprisonment without charge inside the East African country. But Eritrea's government strongly rejected the ...

    9. BBC to provide North Korea and Eritrea with radio services as part of £85m boost to World Service

      International Business Times via Yahoo UK & Ireland NewsNov 23 09:32 AM

      The BBC has announced it will launch new radio services in North Korea and Eritrea as part of the government's promise to invest £85m ($128m) a year in the World Service by 2017/18. The government announced the "single biggest increase in the World Service budget ever committed" during its national Strategic Defence and Security Review as part of its plan to reach 500 million people across the ...

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