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  1. "People try to say, 'Let's keep politics out of it, and the flag is just to cheer on our national team.' And on the face of it, that's what it is," says Katharine Gelber, a political ...

  2. Five “unusual” amendments that never made it into the Constitution

    National Constitution Center via Yahoo News1 day ago

    If some folks had their way, a three-person tribunal, and not the President, would provide leadership of the “United States of Earth,” in a nation where divorce is illegal. As we all know, Congress ...

  3. Last week, rumors began to swirl online that left-wing, anti-fascist “Antifa” protesters were planning to desecrate graves and monuments and burn Confederate flags at Gettysburg National Military ...

  4. Olympic athletes mistreat the flag

    Lancaster Online4 days ago

    I wish someone would teach Olympic athletes the rules for handling the American flag! Watching them drape it over their shoulders is bad enough, but watching Shaun White dragging it

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