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    1. Source: Alphabet will soon start using its popular Google Maps platform to generate top-line growth.

    2. 5 Stocks Hedge Funds Love

      FOX BusinessJun 14 01:31 PM

      Image source: Hedge funds have underperformed the market in recent quarters.

    3. Google started testing a Material Design makeover on YouTube earlier this year, and now it’s doing the same for the company’s search engine on the desktop. A small set of Google users noticed their searches displaying material design touches and shared the news on Reddit and Twitter , as first reported by Engadget . Google introduced Material Design in June 2014, saying in a blog post...

    4. Snapifeye TEST

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    5. Test

      FOX 59 IndianapolisJun 22 10:15 AM function emailCurrentPage(){ window.location.href=”mailto:?subject=”+document.title+”&body=”+escape(window.location.href); } html, body { margin: 0px; padding: 0px; background:transparent !important; font-family ...

    6. Google launches doodle to celebrate Independence Day

      Philippine Star via Yahoo! Philippines NewsJun 11 05:00 PM

      Google Philippines joins the country as it celebrates 118 years of independence, with a special one-day only doodle on the homepage. This year’s Independence Day doodle features the classic Filipino roadtrip showcasing a festively-designed multicolored jeepney filled with a mix of family and friends prepared for an adventure ahead. The seventh Independence Day Google doodle is ...

    7. SUNGAI BESAR, June 3 (Bernama) -- The Sungai Besar parliamentary by-election has seen in a hike on the search engine with the keywords 'Sungai Besar'.

    8. U.S. steps closer to privatizing core part of internet

      Santa Fe New MexicanJun 10 12:18 AM

      Every time you type “” into your browser, what you get is a search engine used by billions. What you don’t see? A complicated string of actions kicking into high gear behind the scenes, turning your URL into language that any computer or server in the world can understand and, ultimately, spit out as a webpage.

    9. Google is giving iPhone users another way to find their misplaced devices -- by searching the Web for it. Soon, when iPhone or Android users enter "I lost my phone" at, the search engine will respond with options that will allow them to ring the device, or locate it on a map.

      Lotte Reininger's Google Doodle - Search Engine Roundtable


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