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    1. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are both out in front in the 2016 sweepstakes—and it turns out they’re pretty unpopular.

    2. Perhaps Hillary Clinton’s most famous remark ever was her insistence in 1998 that the real story of the Monica Lewinsky affair was “this vast right-wing conspiracy that has been conspiring...

    3. A batch of Hillary Clinton's State Department emails reveals America's efforts to garner IMF support to bail out this country.

    4. Hillary Clinton's email controversy is older than her 2016 presidential campaign -- and it's been forced into the headlines again Thursday and Friday when two top aides testify behind closed doors for a House committee.

    5. Not all of the 7,000 emails in Hillary Clinton’s inbox released Monday were serious. A handful of them showed some of the weirder parts of her job or inadvertently revealed her personality. Here are seven fun things we learned from the latest batch of Clinton emails. The State Department help desk was confused by her…

    6. Hillary Rodham Clinton released plans for an initiative to combat the escalating drug epidemic that she says has swept through rural America and is a top concern of many she has encountered on the campaign trail.

    7. Hillary Clinton e-mails: flattery, frozen fish, and 'The Good Wife'

      The Christian Science MonitorSep 02 05:37 AM

      All politicians try hard to control their public image. The Hillary Clinton e-mails that have been released crack the facade and reveal the odd, banal, and private thought beneath.

    8. A former Clinton IT staffer who helped set up Hillary Clinton's private server is invoking the Fifth Amendment.

    9. Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton has repeatedly claimed that she never sent...

    10. While secretary of state, Hillary Rodham Clinton joked in an email that she had warned her protocol chief that there was to be "no table-dancing or karaoke singing" while hosting a large group of foreign ambassadors in Chicago in 2010.

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