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    1. You will actually laugh out loud at her ‘Donald.’ Even when it’s not about Donald Trump, it ends up being about Donald Trump.

    2. Hillary on SNL: Why do we want our politicians to seem funny?

      The Christian Science MonitorOct 04 12:08 PM

      Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton appeared on Saturday Night Live this week, continuing a long relationship between politicians and late night comedy. 

    3. With the Democratic primary race tougher than the front-runner might have expected, Clinton confronted several of her flaws on SNL. But maybe not the most significant ones.

    4. If Hillary Clinton was fazed by Saturday Night Live cast member Kate McKinnon's impression of...

    5. Hillary Clinton on SNL Tries to Show She's In On the Joke

      Bloomberg via Yahoo! FinanceOct 04 06:38 AM

      Whatever your thoughts on Hillary Clinton, or her ability to sell a punchline, her appearance on Saturday Night Live’s 41st season opener last night gave us one thing they can never take away: Clinton doing a Donald Trump impersonation. It was a pretty good one, actually, in that Hillary way: Awkward, halting, but still efficient and vaguely indicative of a little bit more prominent of a funny ...

    6. Hillary Clinton’s response to criticism that she’s too cautious, too calculating, maybe even too cold? Have fun with it on “Saturday Night Live.” The real Hillary Clinton appeared in a sketch as “Val,” a bartender trying to console Kate McKinnon’s  Hillary Clinton, with riffs on how long it took her to come out in opposition... Read more »

    7. Hillary Clinton says House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s suggestion that the select committee investigating Benghazi was summoned to derail her 2016 presidential bid is “deeply distressing” because it dishonors the four Americans who died in the terror attacks.

    8. Hillary Clinton appeared on the season premiere of Saturday Night Live , but not as herself. The former Secretary of State and current Democratic presidential candidate frontrunner played Val the bartender in a sketch opposite resident SNL Clinton impersonator Kate McKinnon. âIâm...

    9. Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton dropped in at the late night comedy show "Saturday Night Live" on Saturday, appearing in a sketch as a bartender alongside comedian Kate McKinnon, who played the former United States senator and secretary of state. Clinton, playing Val, served McKinnon-as- Clinton and sparred with the gay comic about Clinton's record on supporting gay marriage. The ...

    10. Mrs. Clinton poked fun at herself in the season premiere of “Saturday Night Live,” the latest in a string of entertainment shows the Democratic presidential candidate has appeared in recently.

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