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    1. Descendants of Holocaust victims have filed a US lawsuit claiming France's national railway seized the property of tens of thousands of Jews and others sent to Nazi concentration camps. The class-action suit seeks compensation for the confiscation and sale of personal property and for third-class train fares billed to the Nazis even though the victims were packed into cattle cars. The suit was ...

    2. FBI director James Comey has so far refused to apology for using language in a speech last week that suggested Poles and Hungarians were accomplices in the Holocaust

    3. Hungarian Holocaust survivors thank American rescuers

      Associated Press via Yahoo! NewsApr 19 12:25 PM

      BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) — Hungarian Holocaust survivors rescued 70 years ago from a train taking them from one concentration camp to another on Sunday paid tribute to the American soldiers who helped liberate them.

    4. Holocaust survivor Eva Kor described the meeting as "two old people reaching out."

    5. Hungary says FBI chief insensitive, superficial on Holocaust

      Associated Press via Yahoo! NewsApr 21 16:53 PM

      BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) — Hungary has joined Poland in denouncing remarks by FBI director James Comey which seemed to equate Poland's and Hungary's roles in the Holocaust with that of Germany.

    6. Voices of Holocaust survivors fading, 70 years on

      AFP via Yahoo! NewsApr 15 10:50 AM

      Holocaust survivor Albert Garih has recounted his traumatic experience during World War II countless times. As the world marks the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II, these eyewitnesses to history -- some of them volunteers at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum -- are even more acutely aware of their role in keeping the tales alive.

    7. For many teenagers and adults who learn about the Holocaust through movies, literature or textbooks, the Holocaust can seem like a horrific event that happened in a land far away, in a distant time.

    8. Children of Holocaust survivors inherit the role of witness

      Associated Press via Yahoo! NewsApr 13 2:05 AM

      KFAR HAROEH, Israel (AP) — When David Hershkoviz was a child, he used to wake up in the middle of the night to the sound of his mother screaming in her sleep, knowing that she was reliving the horrors of the Holocaust.

    9. In a speech last week, James Comey had linked the two countries to the killing of Jews during the Holocaust. They have both said the killings occurred when they were occupied by the Nazis.

    10. As speeches were being polished in preparation for Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremonies in Israel this week, figures published Monday about the nation’s survivors spoke volumes.

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