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    1. Hurricane Katrina's Stark Changes Endure in Images from Space via Yahoo! NewsAug 29 04:45 AM

      Hurricane Katrina, which made landfall along the Louisiana-Mississippi border as a Category 3 storm on Aug. 29, 2005, transformed the marshes that buffer New Orleans from the Gulf of Mexico by ripping apart and moving mats of dead grass. The storm stirred up and distributed soft underlying sediments, digging several new channels and depositing sediment and debris in new places, according to NASA...

    2. 10 Years After Hurricane Katrina: Have Weather Forecasts Improved? via Yahoo! NewsAug 29 10:01 AM

      The fierce Hurricane Katrina, which devastated the Gulf Coast, taking more than 1,800 lives, made landfall 10 years ago. Overall, meteorologists have a much better sense of where hurricanes will go and how strong they will be than they did before Hurricane Katrina, said Chris Davis, the associate director of the Mesoscale and Microscale Meteorology Laboratory at the National Center for ...

    3. (Reuters) - Hurricane Ignacio intensified as it blew across the Pacific on a route likely to bypass Hawaii on Saturday, said the Central Pacific Hurricane Center of the National Weather Service. With winds gusting up to 115 miles per hour (185 kmph), the hurricane centered 835 miles (1,344 km) southeast of Honolulu and 625 miles (1,006 km) south east of Hilo was moving northwest at 8 miles per ...

    4. Hurricane Ignacio rolls across Pacific toward Hawaii

      Reuters via Yahoo! NewsAug 28 11:52 PM

      By Suzanne Roig HONOLULU (Reuters) - Hurricane Ignacio was churning across the Pacific on Friday on a path that could take it past Hawaii in coming days, with a second, more powerful storm trailing in its wake, the National Hurricane Center said. Maui and the island of Hawaii could feel the effects of Hurricane Ignacio as early as Monday or Tuesday, according to current predictions, said Tom ...

    5. Hurricane Ignacio will start affecting Hawaii this weekend, starting by riling up ocean waters followed by heavy rains and strong winds, forecasters say.

    6. Hurricane Ignacio will start affecting Hawaii this weekend, starting by riling up ocean waters followed by heavy rains and strong winds, forecasters say.

    7. New NASA Satellites Could Help Improve Hurricane Warnings via Yahoo! NewsAug 27 04:35 AM

      Ten years after Hurricane Katrina ravaged the city of New Orleans and surrounding areas, NASA is building an innovative storm-monitoring system that could make significant improvements in storm monitoring and warnings. Eight "microsatellites," each slightly larger than a carry-on suitcase, make up NASA's Cyclone Global Navigation Satellite System (CYGNSS) mission. A single satellite can send ...

    8. Hurricane Katrina, one of the most punishing storms to ever hit the United States, left billions of dollars in damage and a battered landscape ripe for con-artists looking to make a buck off the devastation.

    9. Hurricane Katrina: Better black lives

    10. Hurricane Katrina's 10 Most Influential People: Where Are They Now

      International Business TimesAug 29 07:31 AM

      1. Lt. Gen. Russel Honoré Lt. Gen. Russel Honoré delivers remarks during a Hurricane Katrina memorial service in New Orleans Aug. 29, 2007, on the second anniversary of the disaster.  Paul J. Richards/AFP/Getty Images The eeriest part was the quiet. As Lt. Gen. Russel Honoré flew into New Orleans after Katrina, the city flooded, it was void of its usual bustle. He saw straggling citizens inching...

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