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    1. Apple’s iPod Shuffle is an anachronism at best in 2015, and yet, it possess a strange charm When Mashable was sent barrage of new iPods for review, it wasn't the updated iPod Touch which interested me; it was the decidedly un-updated iPod Shuffle. I never cared much for the Shuffle, but there was something strangely appealing about this blue iPod. See also: The new iPod touch is the best iPod ...

    2. You don't actually need fancy, dedicated hardware to communicate securely. The post The Most Secure Way to Communicate? An iPod Touch appeared first on WIRED .

    3. Scott Herder, from California, lost his iPod in Laos, only to find - several weeks later - that a monk had picked it up and was snapping photographs and uploading them to Scott's iCloud account.

    4. LOS ANGELES ( - Here's another sign for Apple's shifting priorities: Apple stores won't display the iPod on counters next to iPads, Macs and Apple Watches anymore, according to a report from 9to5Mac, which spoke to several Apple retail employees briefed on the changes. Instead, iPods are going to be placed together with other accessories, like chargers, watch bands and headphones.

    5. Deceased daughter's iPod stolen from mother's truck

      CBC via Yahoo Canada NewsAug 18 02:51 PM

      An iPod Nano isn't worth a lot of money, but to one Moose Jaw mother the missing device is priceless. A pink music player formerly belonging to Angela Bird's daughter was stolen from her truck on Monday on Athabasca Street in Moose Jaw.

    6. The long, slow demise of the iPod continues. Once a leader in Apple’s product line, the iPod will soon lose its spot on display tables at the Apple Store. Instead, the legendary device will be sold on the accessory wall at Apple Stores nationwide. At least that’s the rumor from 9to5Mac’s Marc Gurman —who has a great track record for accurate rumor reporting. Gurman, who spoke with “several Apple...

    7. It's difficult to define the purpose of the iPod touch , but it's fair to say that one of its biggest uses is gaming. How does it compare to the latest release in a long-running dedicated portable gaming line, the New 3DS XL ? .. Continue Reading iPod touch (6th generation) vs. New Nintendo 3DS XL Section: Games Tags: Nintendo iPod touch 3DS XL Apple Product Comparison Related Articles: 2013 ...

    8. As one example, the iPod lineup will be moved to the Apple accessory section so customers can simply pick one up off the shelves, says 9to5Mac.

    9. The iPod touch is a device without a clear purpose, but these days it may be used most for gaming. Why not see how it compares to the newest ("Slim") version of the Sony PS Vita ? .. Continue Reading iPod touch (6th generation) vs. PS Vita Section: Games Tags: PS Vita Playstation iPod touch Portable Gaming Sony Product Comparison Apple Related Articles: Prefer PC over console for first-person ...

    10. Apple Stores demote iPod

      Fox NewsAug 21 07:28 AM

      In a subtle but telling move, iPods will be demoted from the table display to wall racks in Apple Stores beginning next Wednesday. The iconic digital music players will now be found alongside other accessories like headphones, chargers, and adapter cables.

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