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    1. Less than two years after the discontinuation of the iPod Classic, the 'vintage' Apple music players are now considered a collector's item.

    2. The tiny MP3 player is useful for listening to music while working out, but it doesn't give streaming music subscribers a reason to pay attention.

    3. How Apple can save the iPod - CNET

      CNET UKJun 12 10:10 AM

      Commentary: In the modern age of streaming music, the MP3 player that can't stream is irrelevant. If Apple wants to keep the iPod around, it needs to get with the times.

    4. Can my iPhone and iPad get iOS 10 ? I want to update to iOS 10 but I don't know if my Apple devices are too old to run the new software. Are older iPhones and iPads likely to slow down when they're updated to iOS 10?

      iOS 9.3.2 update for 9.7in iPad Pro rolled out a... - International Business Times UK

    5. iPod nano review

      Macworld UKJun 03 04:05 PM

      Like the iPhone 4S, the updated iPod nano is a subtle enhancement of a much-loved predecessor, rather than a revolutionary tear-down. In fact, only the software has been modified, and by plugging in and updating, owners of the 2010/2011 nano will be able to get all of the upgrades featured here.

    6. Can my iPhone and iPad get iOS 10 ? I want to update to iOS 10 but I don't know if my Apple devices are too old to run the new software. Apple took to the stage at WWDC 2016 to show off iOS 10 , and with the unveiling of the new mobile operating system came the announcement about which iPhones, iPads and iPods will be able to get it when it's released in the autumn.

    7. What do Apple Music, network attached storage devices, and the iPod nano have in common? Well, they’re all topics of questions I examine in this week’s column. Why is some music in an iTunes library “No Longer Available?” I offer a fix for this issue. How can you ensure that iTunes works correctly with a NAS? Check out my advice. Does Apple Music work with the iPod nano? And how do you quickly ...

    8. SanDisk Clip Jam review - CNET

      CNET UKJun 18 05:24 AM

      The SanDisk Clip Jam offers what the iPod Shuffle doesn't: a screen and more storage space.

    9. We help you choose between an iPod Touch, iPod Nano or iPod Shuffle, and if you've got your heart set on it, we show you where to buy an iPod Classic.

    10. Apple made a simple design choice in 2001 that sent it into the stratosphere

      Tech Insider via Yahoo UK & Ireland NewsJun 01 08:22 AM

      October 23, 2001 is an important date for Apple. Before Apple came along, headphone cords were black. The problem Apple saw was that, unlike its computers whose logos were on full display, the iPod lived in people's pockets.

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