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    1. Ramai masyarakat bukan Islam salah anggap terhadap agama Islam ekoran isu-isu global yang dimanipulasi media asing, kata Ali […]

    2. It seems that every other week, a new incident takes place to remind us that there are many who will respond to critiques of Islam in a violently disagreeable manner.

    3. Converting children unilaterally is un-Islamic, court told in Indira Gandhi case

      The Malay Mail Online via Yahoo! Singapore NewsMay 26 04:15 AM

      PUTRAJAYA, May 26 — Muslim convert Muhammad Ridhuan Abdullah’s conversion of his three Hindu children to Islam without obtaining their mother’s consent was invalid as it did not comply with Islamic...

    4. Tee: PAS must purge ultra kiasu in party

      Free Malaysia TodayMay 24 10:23 PM

      They have forgotten Islam and have their eyes only on seizing power in Putrajaya.

    5. Islam v feminism?

      BBC NewsMay 19 04:49 PM

      Why do girls abandon the liberties of a modern democracy to travel back to the dark ages of IS?

    6. While the Palm Beach County Republican Party has invited an internationally known critic of Islam to speak sometime this year, leaders of the local Democratic Party listened to an imam explain his faith and field ...

    7. Ultra kiasu tidak sesuai di Selangor – Ridhuan Tee

      Free Malaysia TodayMay 24 09:37 PM

      Ultra kiasu sepatutnya tidak datang ke Selangor kerana Sultan adalah Ketua Agama Islam dan sentiasa mendaulatkan Islam yang dikotori ultra kiasu.

    8. Spreading the moderate divine message of Islam

      Arab News via Yahoo Maktoob NewsMay 17 10:02 PM

      Saudi Arabia is the cradle of Islam. As the first and leading English language daily newspaper published from Saudi Arabia since 1975, Arab News has been carrying out a marvelous task in disseminating the teachings of Islam among the millions of foreign workers who have come to work in the Kingdom, especially non-Muslims. Arab News readers have often praised the newspaper for giving them a ...

    9. Pamela Geller, the anti- Islam crusader behind a cartoon contest of the Prophet Mohammed that was attacked by two gunmen in Texas, says her controversial show was meant to demonstrate freedom of expression. "We will not abridge our freedom of speech in order to not offend savages," she told Fox News. Born to a Jewish family and raised on Long Island near New York, Geller is the president of two...

    10. What to know about Islam

      CNNMay 03 07:25 PM

      Here's a look at what you need to know about Islam. The word Islam translates as "submission" or "surrender." Surrender to the will of Allah - Arabic for God.

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