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    1. Muslim theology faculties develop an 'Islam for Germany'

      National Catholic ReporterApr 27 01:11 PM

      While Germany's politicians are loudly debating whether Islam is compatible with democracy, five of its state universities are quietly developing pioneering new Islamic theology faculties to try to ensure that it is.

    2. Malaysia's effort to uphold Islam internationally recognised

      New Straits Times via Yahoo! Singapore NewsApr 28 06:43 AM

      KUCHING: Malaysia's efforts to uphold and safeguard Islam have been internationally recognised, including by prominent Islam scholars. Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said popular Islamic figure Dr Zakir Naik had in a recent interview, praised Malaysia's endeavours to protect Islam. "He (Zakir) said Malaysia is able to uphold Islam.

    3. Released online on Ansar al Islam Bangladesh's Twitter account on Friday, the video once again reiterates the killing to be the work of al Qaeda in Indian Subcontinent (AQIS)

    4. The Bloody Fight Over Bangladesh’s Secularism

      The Atlantic via Yahoo! NewsApr 26 06:09 AM

      The debate over Islam’s role in Bangladesh has devolved into machete attacks against secularists and religious minorities in homes and on the streets of the overwhelmingly Muslim nation.

    5. The ‘savior’ of Sunni Islam in India, the All India Muslim Personal Law Board, has said it is going to fight the ban on practice of triple talaq in India. People who have been following the Personal Law Board in the last few decades were not amused by the decision of the Islamic body in the country. The Board has behaved as the savior of Muslim men without giving a thought to the welfare of ...

    6. Protests in Germany overshadow anti-Islam party's convention

      Associated Press via Yahoo! NewsApr 30 09:03 AM

      BERLIN (AP) — A national convention by a populist German party was overshadowed Saturday by clashes between leftists and police, who temporarily detained more than 400 demonstrators in the southern city of Stuttgart.

    7. The anti-immigration Alternative for Germany (AfD) said on Sunday Islam is not compatible with the German constitution and vowed to press for bans on minarets and burqas at its party congress in two weeks' time. The AfD punished Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservative Christian Democrats in three regional elections last month, profiting from popular angst about how Germany can cope with an ...

      German Muslim leader draws nationalist party Naz... - The Canadian Press via Yahoo Canada News

    8. Bangladesh jails Hindu teachers for 'abusing Islam'

      AFP via Yahoo! NewsApr 26 04:57 AM

      A court in southern Bangladesh sentenced two Hindu schoolteachers to six months in jail for making "abusive" remarks about Islam that led a mob to attack their school, a magistrate said Tuesday. The headteacher and another staff member at the Hijla High School in the town of Chitalmari were found guilty of "hurting the religious sentiments" of Muslim students and their parents. "They have made ...

    9. Behind killings in Bangladesh lies a brutal power struggle

      The Indian Express via Yahoo! India NewsApr 28 05:31 PM

      Who is behind the killing of liberal and secular bloggers, writers in Bangladesh? Ansar-ul-Islam, or Sword of Islam, the Bangladesh chapter of Al-Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent, has claimed responsibility for much of the killing campaign against Bangladeshi secularists, which has claimed more than a dozen lives since 2013. The latest killings — those of gay rights activist Xulhaz Mannan and ...

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