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  1. Tumblr turned the passwords into strings of digits with an algorithm, a technique called “hashing” that’s only reversible if you have that algorithm, and added several digits to those numbers, a technique called “salting.” That makes them a garbled mess unless you work for Tumblr. You can find out if you were affected at Have I Been Pwned or wait for Tumblr to email you, as the blogging service...

  2. Don't let fear silence you, understand how to embrace your nerves at the podium and you will deliver.

  3. London's longest running mega basement dispute could last a decade in a row over a £28 million pound Kensington property formerly owned by a fraudster.

  4. Panama Canal's troubled bet on its future

    The Post and CourierJun 25 05:01 PM

    PANAMA CITY — On July 8, 2009, the Champagne finally flowed.

  5. The Panama Canal is vital to global trade, but a troubled seven-year project to build new locks has left the future of the canal in doubt, a New York Times investigation found.

  6. Links 6/11/16

    Naked CapitalismJun 11 03:56 AM

    Our daily links: Greece and France revolt, US yield curve flat, Hillary nuclear appointee scandal, payday lenders reg runaround

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