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    1. High-Flying Balloon Captures Dazzling Views of Meteor Shower (Video) via Yahoo UK & Ireland NewsJan 08 12:10 PM

      A high-flying balloon captured some dazzling video footage of the Quadrantid meteor shower as it peaked early Monday (Jan. 4), showing spectacular views of "shooting stars" from the stratosphere. The Quadrantid meteor shower occurs each year in early January, when the Earth passes through a stream of dust left over from the asteroid 2003 EH1. The research team behind the new balloon video of the...

    2. A high-flying balloon captured some amazing video footage of the Quadrantid meteor shower, showing dazzling views of "shooting stars" as they burned up in Earth's atmosphere on Monday (Jan. 4).

    3. Hannah Peckham contacted the ECHO about what she first believed was a meteor shower

    4. Don't Miss These 12 Must-See Skywatching Events of 2016 via Yahoo Canada NewsJan 11 04:30 AM

      Here are some of the more noteworthy sky events — including multiple meteor showers and a total eclipse of the sun — that will take place this year. A waxing gibbous moon will cross in front of one of the brightest and most colorful stars in the sky, orange Aldebaran.

    5. Here are seven of the coolest things happening in the night sky this year.

    6. Hathaway will star in the film about a baby shower that's interrupted by an alien invasion.

    7. Anne Hathaway is set to produce and star in an intriguing new sci-fic comedy called The Shower, which is now in final negotiations with Warner Bros. studios, as reported by Variety. And whatever you’re thinking that title implies, there’s a good chance you are wrong — or at least not completely correct. The “ shower” in this case has a meaning that is two-fold: The movie takes place during a baby...

    8. The project is described as being tonally in the vein of the Seth Rogen apocalypse comedy “This is the End”.

    9. Stargazer Spots Comet Catalina, Meteor and Venus Together (Photo) via Yahoo Canada NewsJan 20 04:50 AM

      Comet Catalina is sporting two tails as it begins its journey away from the Sun and into the outer Solar System. The comet C/2013 US10 (Catalina) is approaching Earth in January after rounding the Sun. Astrophotographer Derek Demeter took this image of Comet Catalina in December, 2015 from Chiefland Astronomy Village in Florida.

    10. Hathaway will star in the film about a baby shower that's interrupted by an alien invasion. read more

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