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    1. April's annual light show of shooting stars will be at its best Wednesday night

    2. Lyrid Meteor Shower Peaks Tonight: How to See It via Yahoo! NewsApr 22 10:45 AM

      The online Slooh community observatory will air a free Lyrids webcast at 8 p.m. EDT (0000 GMT on April 23) at its website: When we pass that part of our orbit, we ram through the dusty debris left behind by the comet.

    3. Shooting stars will light up the night skies on Wednesday, and if you miss them you can catch a sprinkling for a few nights afterward.

    4. At the peak, astronomers believe there could be as many as 20 shooting stars per hour.

    5. Photographers around the world captured gorgeous shots of this year's Lyrid meteor shower, which peaked Wednesday night (April 22).

    6. The dazzling Lyrid meteor shower reached its peak overnight with as many as 20 meteors per hours darting through the night sky.

    7. The Lyrid Meteor shower will reach its peak today when as many as 20 meteors per hour are expected to whiz through the night sky.

    8. The peak of the first good meteor shower of the year will begin the night of April 22 and continue through the dark morning hours of the 23rd. The waxing crescent moon sets around midnight local daylight time, which leaves the prime viewing hours before dawn moon-free for the annual Lyrid meteor shower. Most meteor showers occur as Earth runs into streams of particles shed by comets. The ...

    9. Photographers in the UK captured the Lyrid meteor shower (shown) in the sky last night. It occurs every year around 16 to 25 April, so you can still catch some meteors tonight and tomorrow.

    10. You won’t need any special kit to see the phenomenon - clear skies mean you can simply look up and and enjoy the show. Here's everything you need to know...

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