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    1. Why You Can't See the Milky Way in the Spring Night Sky via Yahoo! NewsApr 10 14:41 PM

      Normally appearing as a faint, irregular ribbon of light spanning the sky, the Milky Way usually can be seen at most times of the year, provided that the night sky is very clear and moonless. The best time of the year to see the Milky Way is during the late summer and early fall, when its brightest portions run from the southwest to the northeast parts of the sky and arch nearly overhead. But ...

    2. Lyrid Meteor Shower Peaks Tonight: How to See It via Yahoo! NewsApr 22 10:45 AM

      The online Slooh community observatory will air a free Lyrids webcast at 8 p.m. EDT (0000 GMT on April 23) at its website: When we pass that part of our orbit, we ram through the dusty debris left behind by the comet.

    3. On a moonless November night, the rain-swollen St....

    4. Shooting stars will light up the night skies on Wednesday, and if you miss them you can catch a sprinkling for a few nights afterward.

    5. Whenever I pass one of those "lost pet" posters, I wince. I've had my own lost pet before -- a newly adopted 4-year-old retriever who bolted on me in the darkness. Looking for a very quick, solid black dog on a moonless night is not an adventure I recommend.

    6. Two Jovian moons give a quick shadow show, and the Big Dipper points the way to distant galaxies.

    7. Seeing Samoa in slow motion

      StuffApr 19 10:18 AM

      We step out of the plane and down the steps onto the tarmac and are wrapped in Samoa's warmth. It's a moonless night and the sweet smell of frangipani is on the breeze with the twangy notes of ukulele and crooney singing.

    8. Europe is best-placed to enjoy tonight’s (April 22) meteor shower, according to astronomy experts. The peak of the Lyrid meteor display, which takes…

    9. Thomas McGuane Writes About Absurdities of Life

      The Lakeland LedgerMar 29 18:07 PM

      Thomas McGuane is a storyteller, and he just can't resist a good laugh.

    10. Night train kills 14 migrants 'sleeping' on Macedonia tracks

      Associated Press via Yahoo! NewsApr 24 14:11 PM

      VELES, Macedonia (AP) — A group of migrants trying to reach European opportunity via what's billed by smugglers as a "safe" route — trekking along train tracks through the Balkans — was hit by an overnight train in a remote river gorge in Macedonia, killing 14.

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