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    1. PROLOGUE I On this moonless night, lightning bugs flashed brilliantly in the yards along Jordan Drive. Moths fluttered around the hopelessly dim porch lights. The air was warm and muggy. Darkness covered the neighborhood's working-class splendor. There wasn't a single siren to disturb the calm. It was absolutely beautiful. This was the night their boyhood would end. Each would tell himself ...

    2. See galactic triplets, the faraway gas giant Neptune, and an asteroid gliding past Earth.

    3. Investors in some top U.S. media companies have had a rough ride as their shares have lagged the rest of the market. You just wouldn’t know it if you looked at the bank accounts of their top executives. The CEOs of 11 major media companies were given median compensation of $32.9 million (21 million pounds) for 2014, much higher than any other industry group in the Standard & Poor's 500 index ...

    4. Bob Welch holds a sign at a public hearing about the Jade Helm 15 military training exercise in Bastrop, Texas on April 27.

    5. Community Advisory Board: Critical thinking can be taught

      The Fayetteville ObserverMay 28 09:21 PM

      One of the most common problems in education has to be the teaching of critical thinking skills. Common Core has gotten into trouble in the past because of critical thinking tasks that involve bias or prejudice. This has aroused anger when teachers reward students for taking positions that might go against traditional values, with some promoting prejudice against specific cultures.

    6. Christopher Nguyen escaped from Vietnam in the summer of 1978 and went on to become an engineering director at Google. Now he's bringing his data know-how to the world. The post The Ex-Refugee Aiming to Give Google-like Data Might to All appeared first on WIRED .

    7. When asked to name a comet, most people will remember Halley's. Tonight (May 5), the Eta Aquarid meteor shower, produced by debris from Halley's Comet, will peak in the night sky, and you can watch live coverage of this Cinco de Mayo meteor shower online. Late tonight (May 5) and during the early morning hours tomorrow (May 6), skywatchers will have a chance of sighting a few pieces of Halley's...

    8. Satellite Sensor Reveals Earth’s Nocturnal Secrets

      Scientific AmericanMay 19 07:06 AM

      --

    9. Homeless in Sonoma

      Sonoma Valley SunMay 28 04:00 PM

      By Will Shonbrun According to the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness (2013) there are close to two million people who experience homelessness in our country each year. Closer to home, there were approximately 4,280 homeless individuals counted in the 2013 Sonoma County Homeless Census & Survey. Focusing the lens even closer, that count showed a […]

    10. Lots of towns hold a polar plunge fundraising event in the winter. Duluth, Minnesota’s version, where participants jump in Lake Superior every February, might just be the coldest. Comet Lovejoy’s a season behind, but sure enough, it’s following suit, diving deep into the dark waters of the north celestial pole this month. (...)Read the rest of Head Held High, […]

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