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    1. Inside the underground galleries, part of Nazi Germany 'Riese' construction project, under the Ksiaz castle in the area where the 'Nazi gold train' is supposedly hidden, on August 28, 2015 in Walbrzych, Poland.

    2. Poland: What secrets could be buried in the Nazi 'gold train'?

      International Business Times via Yahoo UK & Ireland NewsSep 01 07:37 AM

      Treasure hunters are flocking to south-west Poland to search for a Nazi train said to be filled with gold and other valuables, which according to legend, has been concealed underground near the city of Wałbrzych since January 1945. According to folklore, Nazi authorities in the Lower Silesia capital of Breslau – now Wrocław – collected several tonnes of gold bullion, artwork and gems from the ...

    3. Poland backtracks on Nazi 'gold train' discovery

      AFP via Yahoo! NewsAug 31 12:17 PM

      A regional governor in Poland voiced serious doubts Monday about the alleged discovery of a Nazi gold train, days after a deputy culture minister said he was "more than 99 percent sure" one had been found. "There is no more proof for this alleged discovery than for other claims made over the years," Tomasz Smolarz, governor of the southwestern region of Lower Silesia, told reporters. "It's ...

    4. The Polish army has joined in the search for a train said to be filled with Nazi gold, allegedly found earlier this summer by two treasure hunters in hidden tunnels. Troops will be deployed to help in the search, a military spokesman said Tuesday as treasure hunters continued to flock to Walbrzych in western Poland, trying to pinpoint the location of the treasure.

    5. The men showed MailOnline pictures of coins, a German helmet and a Nazi Eagle found near the tunnel they claim are just the tip of the iceberg - but others are far less convinced.

    6. Polish military to look for fabled Nazi 'gold train'

      AFP via Yahoo! NewsSep 01 08:58 AM

      Poland said Tuesday it would deploy the military to look for an alleged Nazi "gold train" that sparked global fascination after two anonymous treasure hunters claimed they had pinpointed where it is buried. "The defence minister decided to send technical equipment to search the area in order to determine whether a train actually exists," Defence Ministry spokesman Jacek Sonta told AFP.

    7. Is Nazi gold train a hoax? Poland's bank chief casts doubt on myth of lost WW2 treasure

      International Business Times via Yahoo UK & Ireland NewsSep 02 01:35 PM

      Poland's central bank governor Marek Belka said he believes reports of a Nazi "gold train" in Poland are a hoax. Two anonymous treasure hunters claimed they had identified where the train, which is believed to be carrying a cargo of jewels, gold and guns, is buried. The unidentified German and Polish treasure hunters said they had found the train in the Owl Mountains, in the south-western ...

    8. Russia wants a piece of the possible treasure on the Nazi ghost train

      Business Insider via Yahoo! FinanceAug 31 04:56 PM

      Russia wants a cut of the stolen loot on the rumored Nazi gold train found near the Czech...

    9. WALBRZYCH, Poland (AP) — The placid woodlands around this medieval castle town have suddenly become the hottest spot in Poland — as treasure hunters descend on the area in search of a mystery Nazi train said to be laden with gold. Government reports that two men may have located the legendary World War II treasure, […]

    10. Deathbed confession reveals location of Nazi train that might contain gold

      Christian Science Monitor via Yahoo! NewsAug 28 11:05 AM

      A Nazi train rumored to be filled with gold, gems, and weapons when it went missing in southwestern Poland during World War II, has been discovered, according to a Polish official. Mr. Zuchowski told a press conference on Friday that a man who was involved in the operation to hide the gold train made a deathbed confession about its location, The Telegraph reports. For many years, treasure ...

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