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  1. She became a trending topic on Twitter and Facebook when she appeared at last month’s Oscars with Charlize Theron. Earlier this year, she received the Los Angeles Film Critics ...

  2. First Masechaba now Lerato Tshabalala announces her departure from radio.

  3. James Blunt’s life is brilliant.

  4. Here's a guide -- sort of an Oscars for Dummies -- that answers even your dumbest questions. Yes, that's 10:30 in the morning in Hollywood, when almost nobody is awake.

  5. Kim Kardashian West is desperate to have more children, and is already trying for another baby with her husband Kanye West.

  6. A new report has revealed that an air ambulance regularly flown by Prince William was involved in a dramatic incident in August last year.

  7. At the Oscars in February, the actress Charlize Theron wore a pair of mismatched earrings weighing more than 50 carats from the resulting jewelry collection, named Garden ...

  8. Follow on Twitter: @IndieFocus Aaron...’s ‘Gemini’ brings moody L.A.-cool to South By Southwest Charlize Theron and James McAvoy blow through South by Southwest ...

  9. Forty years on, the director’s fatherhood freakout has lost none of its horrific power

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