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    1. Explosion 'targets Muslim committee' in Lebanon's Arsal

      Al Jazeera via Yahoo Maktoob NewsNov 05 06:17 AM

      Blast reportedly targeting Muslim scholars committee that has been mediating between army and al-Nusra Front kills five.

    2. AFPTV Advisory 1000 GMT

      AFP via Yahoo! India NewsNov 16 02:43 AM

      We plan to file the following videos:

    3. Bachir El-Khoury

      Middle East OnlineNov 04 01:34 AM

      Lebanon and Israel, in a virtual state of war, have not agreed their borders since Israel was founded in 1948. They have yet to settle their rival claims to the Shebaa Farms area, and since 2011 have disputed control of a maritime area that may hold major hydrocarbon reserves.

    4. AFPTV Advisory 0200 GMT

      AFP via Yahoo! India NewsNov 22 06:00 PM

      We plan to file the following videos:

    5. ALSO IN News

      Al BawabaOct 31 09:59 AM

      Introduction: When we were young Leftists in the second half of the Sixties, a peculiar friend of us became, amongst our group, known as "our eccentric friend"– was an exceptionally well-read Marxist.

    6. James S. Brady Press Briefing Room  12:51 P.M. EDT MR. EARNEST:  Good afternoon, everybody.  Happy Monday.  Let me do a couple of -- Q    He says, happy Monday.  (Laughter.)   Q    Something we don’t know about? MR. EARNEST:  Let me do two things at the top, and then we’ll get to your questions.  The first is, as you heard the President on Friday, he will be attending the climate talks in Paris...

    7. Culture Clash: How ISIS Could Send Europe Over the Edge

      The Fiscal Times via Yahoo! NewsOct 28 03:15 AM

      The dramatic and tragic images of refugees pouring into Europe from the Middle East represent more than a temporary migration of people seeking asylum from persecution. This great migration will change the face of Europe, and as moderate Muslims seek safe refuge from hideous acts of terror and war, radical Islam will gain territory, wealth and influence in the Middle East.

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