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    1. Clovis Maksoud: Nine decades of struggle

      Al-Ahram WeeklyMay 20 05:10 AM

      Arab-American scholar Clovis Maksoud was a veteran diplomat, writer, scholar and a strong advocate of the Palestinian cause and Arab unity. Throughout his career, he always warned against extremism and sectarianism.

    2. Solidarity with Aleppo: from Homs to Gaza

      العربي الجديدMay 02 06:55 AM

      Protests and vigils have been held in cities across the Arab world in a show of solidarity with Aleppo residents who have suffered from a week of horrifying bombing.

    3. The Sykes-Picot agreement, reached a century ago this week, delineated national borders based more on British and French interests than local conditions. But it has proven surprisingly resilient.

    4. AFP Middle East and North Africa news agenda

      AFP via Yahoo! India NewsMay 04 11:37 PM

      Duty Editor: Steve Kirby

    5. AFPTV Advisory 0100 GMT

      AFP via Yahoo! India NewsMay 12 06:47 PM

      We plan to file the following videos:

    6. Why 100-year-old borders drawn by two Europeans still define the Middle East

      Christian Science Monitor via Yahoo! NewsMay 16 12:32 PM

      One December morning in 1915, with World War I not yet 18 months old, a young diplomat stalked into the offices of the British prime minister in London, carrying with him a map and a bold plan for the future of the Middle East once the allies had defeated Germany and the Ottoman Empire. Britain, he said, would retain control of the territory to the south of the line, while the French would have...

    7. Against the loud mouths

      Al-Ahram WeeklyApr 29 01:08 AM

      In Egypt under then President Gamal Abdel-Nasser, nobody could open his mouth. But under President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi, everyone has a big loud mouth.

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