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    1. Robot “training academies” could help industrial robots learn to perform complicated tasks by watching a human do them first. It can take weeks to reprogram an industrial robot to perform a complicated new task, which makes retooling a modern manufacturing line painfully expensive and slow.

    2. Japan: Robot taxis get the green light for 2016

      International Business Times via Yahoo UK & Ireland NewsOct 03 11:00 PM

      Japan is no stranger to the robot so the announcement it will be running full trials of a robotic taxi service in 2016 comes as no surprise. The unmanned service will run courtesy of Robot Taxi Inc and will serve rides to Kanagawa – a small prefecture south of Tokyo. The service will be deployed to a group of around 50 residents with the intention to ferry folk from homes to local grocery stores...

    3. MIT's new robot has a squishy but steady grip

      Washington PostSep 30 05:26 AM

      It can even handle eggs without breaking them.

    4. The Room Service Robots Have Arrived

      PC MagazineOct 02 06:49 AM

      A robot named Dash is currently zipping around the Crowne Plaza San Jose-Silicon Valley.

    5. The Australian robotics soccer team will take on the Croatian RoboCup world champions in a game this weekend while robot knights and horses "joust" for a crowd.

    6. Weighing just 42 lb, Sawyer Robot features 8.8 lb payload, with 7 degrees of freedom and 1,260 mm reach that can maneuver into tight spaces and varied alignments of work cells designed for humans. High resolution force sensing, embedded at each joint, enables Rethink Robotics' compliant motion control, which allows robot to feel its way into fixtures or machines. Powered by Baxter, Sawyer is ...

    7. Scientists at the University of Maryland say the academy would help speed up the ability of robots to learn new tasks in everything from cooking to building cars.

    8. Brooks Hays BOSTON, Sept. 30 (UPI) -- Researchers at MIT have designed a robot with a softer touch, capable of handling and identifying everyday objects, fragile or not.

    9. Robot revolution on China's factory floors

      AAP via Yahoo! New Zealand FinanceOct 02 01:36 AM

      In China's factories, the robots are rising. For decades, manufacturers employed waves of young migrant workers from China's countryside to work at countless factories in coastal provinces, churning out cheap toys, clothing and electronics that helped power the country's economic ascent. Now, factories are rapidly replacing those workers with automation, a changed that's encouraged by rising ...

    10. Faced with rising costs and shrinking profits, companies are abandoning migrant workers in favor of robots

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