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    1. Robot mother builds and improves its own children

      Reuters via Yahoo! NewsSep 03 09:03 AM

      By Matthew and Stock Scientists from the University of Cambridge have built a mother robot that independently builds its own children and then tests their performance to inform the design of the next generation. By analyzing the data it collects from observing the child, the mother robot ensures that preferential traits are passed down to the next iteration, while letting weaknesses fall by the...

    2. 'Mr. Robot' Season 2 Details

      Access Hollywood via Yahoo! NewsSep 03 10:32 AM

      "Mr. Robot," one of the summer's best TV shows, came to a world-crashing end last night. WATCH: ‘Mr. Robot’ Stars On ‘Fight Club’ Theories   Rami was equally excited about the episode that saw fsociety unleash it's crippling computer hack on the world's financial institutions.   "When I get excited about something I tend to laugh like a little girl, I found myself just giggling, when I was ...

    3. Mr. Robot Season 1 Finale Review: The Tip of the 1%-berg via Yahoo! NewsSep 02 11:09 AM

      Mr. Robot S01E10: "eps1.9_zer0-day.avi" Let's do this. Afrikaa Bambaataa and John Lydon with a song more prescient than we knew when it was released in 1984. Turn it up. Mr. Robot creator Sam Esmail originally envisioned his series as a movie, and the first season as the film's first act. And though Season 1 has been one of the best and most original television series debuts that I can remember...

    4. Christian Slaterâs role in USAâs Mr. Robot  changed drastically over the course of the first season, and by the end of Wednesdayâs finale, we got a preview of where his relationship with Elliot Alderson (Rami Malek) might head in season 2. EW chatted with Slater about the end of a very...

    5. Tim Goodman: Why 'Mr. Robot' Ran Away With the Summer

      The Hollywood Reporter via Yahoo! NewsSep 01 09:00 PM

      USA's 'Mr. Robot' is the little show that shouldn't have, but did — and star Rami Malek is the reason.

    6. 'I rip off of every movie and TV show Iâve ever seen in my life,' Sam Esmail tells EW. 'Iâm a film nerd'

    7. The Mystery of 'Mr. Robot,' the Best Show on TV Right Now

      Complex Media via Yahoo! NewsSep 02 07:55 AM

      Mr. Robot is a crazy, surprising show which is why you should be watching it.

    8. Mr. Robot rewatch, anyone? As the first season of USA's surprise summer hit came to a close tonight, all we could think was that we needed to watch it all again immediately. While...

    9. After resolving one of the showâs central mysteries in its penultimate episode â Yes, we know you called it. Everyone called it. â Mr. Robot spent most of its first season finale giving the audience new questions to chew on until season 2. The hacking collective fsociety pulled off the...

    10. Starfish-killing robot ready to test

      BBC NewsSep 02 08:44 AM

      An autonomous starfish-killing robot will be ready for field trials on the Great Barrier Reef this month, researchers say.

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