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    1. Hollywood actress Audrey Hepburn and martial arts legend Bruce Lee represent just a few of the dead celebrities whom have been resurrected as digital avatars in TV commercials to sell products such as chocolate or whiskey. A Google patent raises a new possibility by describing robot personalities based upon the voices and behaviors of dead celebrities or loved ones. Such a vision may not ...

    2. Rethinking the Manufacturing Robot

      Technology ReviewApr 26 22:20 PM

      A company that makes robots designed to work closely with humans has a new version that addresses the limitations of its first effort. In a workshop at the Boston headquarters of Rethink Robotics, engineers are tending to a troop of eight bright red robots called Baxter. Each robot has a humanoid upper torso and a pair of friendly blue eyes on a small screen that track the robots’ two arms as ...

    3. The first hijacking of a medical telerobot raises important questions over the security of remote surgery, say computer security experts.

    4. A second robotic probe sent into the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant has captured images of a strange green glow.

    5. Humanoid robot can recognize and interact with people

      Reuters via Yahoo! NewsApr 20 10:14 AM

      A humanoid robot which can mimic human expressions greeted visitors on Saturday (April 18) at a Hong Kong electronics fair. About 40 motors control his face to form delicate facial expressions, according to product manager at Hanson Robotics, Grace Copplestone. "So Han's really exciting because not only can he generate very realistic facial expressions, but he can also interact with the ...

    6. Bitcoin Robot Sheds Light On The Dark Web

      Benzinga via Yahoo! FinanceApr 24 8:52 AM

      A Swiss art installment drew a great deal of attention to bitcoin this week after Swiss law enforcement officials confiscated the piece for its participation in Agora, a dark web marketplace. The exhibit ...

    7. This is the curious story of how a robot armed with a weekly budget of $100 in bitcoin managed to buy Ecstasy - before getting arrested.

    8. Chuck Bednar for - @BednarChuck A robot developed by researchers at Cornell University could someday make your friendly neighborhood Starbucks employee redundant, as it has learned how to autonomously make an espresso using crowdsourced instructions provided by Internet users. We would never have the problem of misspelled names on cups again. (Seriously, how do you get Jannett from...

    9. A robot probe sent into the crippled reactor at Japan???s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant stopped working three hours into its 10-hour mission.

    10. The network's new hacker drama premieres June 24.

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