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    1. Abdirahman Mohamed Dirye

      Middle East OnlineJul 15 04:49 AM

      Somalilanders have voted for independence and still do the same if required. No one wants Somalia to see in their backyard. They abandoned once for all. That was the major assumption.

    2. [IRIN] Hargeisa -Mohamed Hossien Geeldoon never questioned putting his life in the hands of smugglers who promised to covertly transport him from his home in Somaliland in the Horn of Africa to Europe.

    3. Jamal Osman reports on the boom in Somaliland attracting migrants seeking jobs and opportunities from Yemen, Ethiopia - and London.

    4. Somalia: A Nasty Ramadan Surprise

      Strategy PageJul 11 02:33 AM

      July 11, 2015: The unexpected strength, scope and success of the 2015 al Shabaab “Ramadan Offensive” has caused the peacekeepers to withdraw from some recently captured towns.

    5. The lost boys of Mogadishu

      Al Jazeera via Yahoo Maktoob NewsJul 12 03:41 AM

      About 5,000 boys live on the streets of Somalia's capital, many because their parents are too poor to provide for them.

    6. UN: civilian death toll in Yemen rises above 1,600

      Associated Press via Yahoo! NewsJul 14 06:02 AM

      BERLIN (AP) — At least 142 civilians have been killed in Yemen over the past 10 days, bringing the civilian death toll in more than three months of violence to 1,670, the United Nations said Tuesday.

    7. By Abdirahman Mohamed Dirye South Africa blacks are notorious for xenophobia but only seem reserved for black immigrants from the continent as soon as they arrive. It's just more than xenophobia because, in retrospective, they targeted and killed off black foreigners in South Africa. So far so good: 300,000 Chinese immigrants in SA remain intact let alone whites the former masters of the black ...

    8. Any views expressed in this article are those of the author and not of Thomson Reuters Foundation.

    9. The U.N. refugee agency is warning refugees and migrants from the Horn of Africa not to make the perilous journey across the Red Sea to Yemen. The UNHCR says thousands of people continue to arrive in the country despite the dangers. The latest United Nations figures put the number of civilians killed in Yemen since Saudi Arabia began its bombing campaign on March 26 at 1,670, with more than 3 ...

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