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  1. Wild migratory birds appear to be important carriers of avian influenza viruses from continent to continent, according to new research that scientists say has important implications for ...

  2. Among these dead are hundreds of Illinoisan birds, many of them captured and killed in the decades after the city’s founding.

  3. The Birds would use another composed and meticulous performance from Carson Wentz to sneak past the Panthers, 28-23. Wentz finished with 222 passing yards and three touchdowns - backing ...

  4. Tippi Hedren says Hitchcock assaulted, harassed, and threatened her while filming ‘The Birds’ and ‘Marnie.’ Such men are deficient, she says, and their victims have to fight back.

  5. The Mohave High School girls placed second and the boys fourth at the Crim Swim at the Valley Aquatic Center in Yuma, Ariz., on Oct. 6, and more T-birds qualified for the Arizona Interscholastic ...

  6. Footage of a flock of birds flying in circles over Cardiff, Wales, UK on October 16 as Storm Ophelia approaches.

  7. The World of Animals

    Fox News3 hours ago

    Enjoy these pictures of animals, reptiles, fish, birds and insects from around the globe

  8. Critically endangered swift parrots are under threat from squirrel-like sugar gliders in a battle for space in Australia's ancient forests, scientists say as they race to save the rare birds.

  9. A swarm of birds can be very eerie

  10. Storm Ophelia has caused certain rare phenomena including a red sun and birds swirling mysteriously in the sky shortly before the category 1 storm hit. Due to high winds and foam whipping ...

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