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    1. China Intensifies Steps to End $3.2 Trillion Stock Rout

      Bloomberg via Yahoo! FinanceJul 05 08:15 AM

      China suspended initial public offerings, while brokerages pledged to buy shares and state media urged investors not to panic as officials intensified efforts to stop the steepest plunge in equities since 1992. A group of 21 brokerages led by Citic Securities Co. will invest at least 120 billion yuan ($19.3 billion) in a stock-market fund, the Securities Association of China said the same day ...

    2. BEIJING/SHANGHAI (Reuters) - China's stock markets face a make-or-break week after officials rolled out an unprecedented series of steps at the weekend to prevent a full-blown stock market crash that would threaten the world's second-largest economy. In an extraordinary weekend of policy moves, brokerages and fund managers vowed to buy massive amounts of stocks, helped by China's state-backed ...

    3. China Freezes IPOs in Attempt to Stem Stock Market Bleeding

      Bloomberg via Yahoo! FinanceJul 04 04:53 PM

      China is suspending initial public offerings, creating a market stabilization fund and telling investors not to panic in an effort to shore up its stock market, which has had the largest three-week drop since 1992. The move was ordered at a meeting of the State Council, China’s cabinet, and will be enforced by the China Securities Regulatory Commission, the financial magazine Caijing reported on...

    4. China to Suspend IPOs Amid Market Turmoil

      The Wall Street JournalJul 04 10:06 AM

      China has decided to suspend new stock sales and, in a first, establish a market-stabilization fund aimed at fighting off the worst equities selloff in years.

    5. BEIJING/SHANGHAI (Reuters) - China froze share offers and set up a market-stabilization fund on Saturday, the Wall Street Journal said, as Beijing intensified efforts to pull stock markets out of a nose-dive that is threatening the world's second-largest economy. Beijing's reported suspension of initial public offers (IPOs) came a few hours after extraordinary announcements by major brokers and...

    6. China's stock market is in trouble. It's down over 20% since mid-June.

    7. China’s central bank will provide liquidity to help stabilize the country’s crumbling stock market.

    8. China Speeds Effort to Stem Selloff

      The Wall Street JournalJul 03 11:27 AM

      China shares tumbled, even as Beijing moves swiftly to try to plug losses, with the smaller Shenzhen index suffering its worst week since December 1996.

    9. China says to maintain financial cooperation with Greece

      Reuters via Yahoo! NewsJul 03 02:30 AM

      China will continue to promote two-way cooperation with Greece, including in the financial sphere, and has already responded to Greek requests amid its debt crisis, the Foreign Ministry said on Friday. The European Union is China's largest trading partner and China is the EU's second-largest trading partner.

    10. China's response to wild swings in its stock markets risks an embarrassing setback to the country's push to internationalize its financial system, according to investors. Two weeks of panic selling in China's stock markets has prompted largely ineffective lever-pulling by Chinese authorities, who have launched a raft of measures aimed at stemming the volatility. Investors say constant tinkering...

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