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    1. Rudy Gay has 'no idea' what the Sacramento Kings are doing

      Ball Don't Lie via Yahoo! SportsJul 26 01:11 PM

      Rudy Gay’s no stranger to trade rumors. The latest round of rumors came a couple of weeks back courtesy of’s Marc Stein, who reported that the Sacramento Kings “are actively seeking to move Gay as well as big man Kosta Koufos and guard Ben McLemore” as they look to shuffle up their roster in pursuit of better results — like, say, a .500 record and outside shot at the West’s No. 8 seed ...

    2. Officials in the Swedish city of Sodertalje say vandals have removed rainbow flags that were raised outside city hall in support of the gay pride festival this week in neighboring Stockholm.

      Cobourg Pride event planned for 2017 - Northumberland Today

    3. The FDA, under pressure from Democrats in Congress, started official reconsideration of its policy limiting blood donations from gay men.

    4. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration opened the door on Tuesday to a change in its blood donor deferral recommendations, which currently prohibit donations from gay men for a year following their last sexual encounter in order to reduce the risk of transmitting HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. In December the FDA overturned a 30-year ban on all blood donations from men who have sex with men ...

    5. Thousands of revellers attended Jerusalem's Gay Pride parade under heavy police protection on Thursday, a year after an ultra-Orthodox Jew killed a teenager at the march. Many laid flowers under a picture of Shira Banki, 16, who was killed at the march in July last year. Banki was attacked at random by Yishai Shlissel, an ultra-orthodox Jew who also stabbed five other people and is now serving a...

      Year after attack, thousands march in Jerusalem ... - Associated Press via Yahoo! News

    6. There were dire warnings for the Boy Scouts of America a year ago when the group’s leaders, under intense pressure, voted to end a long-standing blanket ban on participation by openly gay adults. Several of the biggest sponsors of Scout units, including the Roman Catholic, Mormon and Southern Baptist churches, were openly dismayed, raising the...

    7. Why Gay Marry?

      The AtlanticJul 25 01:37 PM

      HBO’s Looking ended with an exploration of what the marital institution means now that it’s open to everyone.

    8. The gay-centric HBO drama “Looking” never had many eyeballs, well, looking at it — averaging only 240,000 viewers in its second and final season before the ax dropped in March 2015. But creator Michael Lannan says preconceived notions about the highly anticipated-but-low-key series helped seal its fate before it even premiered. “One of the problems...

    9. This has not been the best week for the seven out of 19 District of Columbia delegates who are gay or lesbian.

    10. A majority of Canadians believe it's likely a gay prime minister will be elected within the next decade, a new poll suggests. Abacus Data recently asked respondents to weigh in on the probability of a number of possible scenarios in the next 10 or 20 years , including several related to Canadian politics. The Pride flag flies on Parliament Hill on June 1, 2016. (Photo: Adrian Wyld/Canadian Press...

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