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    1. Willie Soon from Harvard- Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics probed over failure to disclose more than $1.2m from energy industry when submitting articles A Harvard- Smithsonian researcher known as a climate sceptic is under multiple ethics investigations arising from his hidden financial relationships with fossil fuel companies. A handful of academic journals have asked Willie Soon, a researcher...

    2. Einstein saves the quantum cat

      SpaceDailyJun 18 12:44 AM

      This is an illustration of a molecule in the presence of gravitational time dilation. The molecule is in a quantum superposition of being in several places at the same time, but time dilation destroys this quantum phenomenon. Image courtesy Igor Pikovski, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.

    3. It's not as if the 36 rising high school seniors currently attending the Summer Science Program at the University of Colorado spend every waking hour of the day at work.

    4. After revelations that a scientist failed to disclose his funding sources for climate change research, the Smithsonian Institution said Friday it is improving its ethics and disclosure policies to avoid conflicts of interest.

    5. Industry-funding controversies highlight lack of standards among field’s journals.

    6. ( Cornell University ) To sort out the biological intricacies of Earth-like planets, astronomers have developed computer models that examine how ultraviolet radiation from other planets' nearby suns may affect those worlds, according to new research published June 10 in Astrophysical Journal.

    7. 2015 Wolf Prize Winner Joins Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

      Business Wire via Yahoo! FinanceJun 15 12:30 PM

      The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation today announced Robert Kirshner, Ph.D., as the new chief program officer for science. Kirshner will lead the team responsible for distributing nearly $100 million per year for the research and technology that enables fundamental scientific discoveries.

    8. A five-year window for combating AIDS; lions return to Rwanda’s verdant hills; and supply run to space station fails as rocket explodes.

    9. If a 48-year-old researcher from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and his colleagues succeed, they will have captured images that will be in textbooks forever, as definitive evidence of Einstein's weirdest prediction: that space-time could curl up like a magician's cloak around massive objects and vanish them from the universe. In short, that black holes - objects so dense that not even...

    10. Black hole search: A telescope as big as the world

      The Times of IndiaJun 08 10:14 PM

      For two weeks at the end of March, Volcan Sierra Negra, an extinct 15,000-foot volcano also known as Tliltepetl that looms over the landscape in southern Mexico, was the nerve center for the largest telescope ever conceived, a network of antennas that reaches from Spain to Hawaii to Chile.

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