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    1. NASA appears poised to announce that its researchers have found proof of liquid water flowing on the surface of Mars. The agency called a news conference for Monday to discuss what it called a major science finding. While the agency hasn’t elaborated, it appears the topic will be new findings from analysis of imagery from […]

    2. Rod Pyle is an award winning author, producer and science writer at CalTech whose books include Innovation the NASA Way and Curiosity: An Inside Look at the Mars Rover Mission and the People Who Made It Happen. In this conversation with Nick Digilio, they discuss why the discovery of water on Mars is important, talk […]

    3. How NASA's astronaut twins are preparing us for Mars

      The Christian Science MonitorSep 15 08:46 AM

      Scott Kelly will break US endurance records in space while his identical twin brother, retired astronaut Mark Kelly, stays behind on Earth.

    4. MarkWhittington writes: Ever since President Obama foreswore interest in returning to the moon in his April 2010 speech at the Kennedy Space Center, lunar exploration has been on the back burner at NASA. According to a story at Space News, that may change starting around 2020 thanks to a project called RP15, the letters standing for "Resource Prospector," a rover designed to drill into the lunar...

    5. NASA's exploration of Mars has paid off in a major way, as a major mystery about the red planet has finally been solved. The post NASA reveals: There are ‘definitive signs of liquid water’ on the surface of Mars appeared first on Hypable .

    6. The Curiosity Rover has discovered sand dunes on Mars' Mount Sharp, captured from the MastCam on board the rover.

    7. Four Large Titanium Tanks Completed, Set For Transport To Italy Airbus Defense and Space, prime contractor for NASA’s Orion space vehicle’s European Service Module (ESM), has completed four large titanium tanks for the module that will be delivered for initial testing.

    8. How to Go to Mars - To Stay

      The Huffington PostSep 22 05:00 PM

      Let's get this over with once and for all: We are going to Mars. The only questions are: When? Who? How? Which way? And, of course, why? Why? Science and civilization. Science We go to learn about our solar system, to search for life, and to understand what happened to Mars so we avoid it ourselves. Civilization We go to settle, expanding the domain of humanity and life, because that is what ...

    9. Boeing has officially and publicly rejected a bid by Aerojet Rocketdyne to buy rocket maker United Launch Alliance (ULA), which the firm co-owns with rival aerospace giant Lockheed Martin. Furthermore Boeing affirmed support for ULA’s new next generation Vulcan rocket now under development, a spokesperson confirmed to Universe Today. Aerojet Rocketdyne, which supplies critical rocket […]

    10. It appears that SpaceX's Falcon Heavy, a large rocket that has been in the planning stages for several years following a number of delays, may finally see lift-off come 2016. At an aeronautics conference last week in Pasadena, Lee Rosen, SpaceX's vice president of mission and launch operations, mentioned that they are planning for a launch window between late April … Continue reading

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