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    1. Report: Most Earth-like planet so far spotted

      WSOC-TV CharlotteJul 23 12:56 PM

      It’s been a good month for  space news . But this might be even bigger than Pluto, metaphorically and literally. The Kepler telescope has just spotted the most Earth-like planet so far,  according to NASA . As CNET explains , this planet is just the right distance away from its sun to make liquid water possible, and it’s only 60 percent bigger than Earth, so there’s a chance it’s rocky enough to...

    2. Neil deGrasse Tyson denies he's a 'Pluto hater' on Twitter

      CBC via Yahoo Canada NewsJul 14 05:53 PM

      Pluto may be freezing cold, but the most-buzzworthy dwarf planet in our solar system is red-hot right now in terms of space news. NASA's New Horizons spacecraft is thought to have finally reached the icy planetary body for the first time this morning during a historic fly by nearly 10 years in the making. Scientists must wait until around 9 p.m. ET Tuesday for the probe's signal to hit Earth and...

    3. Plus: HP forces scruffy nerds to suit up. Yargh! QuoTW Looking back, the high point of the week was definitely NASA's announcement that a new, pristine Earth - named Kepler 452b for now - lies waiting for us a mere few hundred light-years away across the vasty deeps of interstellar space.…

    4. Microsoft will release the last full version of its Windows operating system, Windows 10, Wednesday.

    5. Russian cargo ship successfully docks with space station

      The Christian Science MonitorJul 05 09:14 AM

      An unmanned Russian Progress cargo ship has delivered more than six tons of supplies to the International Space Station, following a string of failures from different launch providers.

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