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    1. Conclusion SP: I think the book and the concept have captured business leaders’ attention because social physics offers an entirely different way to improve businesses at a time where technology and change are putting extreme pressure on organizations. Simply put, social physics is a new way of understanding human behavior

    2. ( University of Missouri-Columbia ) Meera Chandrasekhar, a professor of physics at the University of Missouri, received a $5 million multi-year grant from the NSF to address science instruction challenges. She developed a hands-on physics course for ninth graders designed to give them a better chance at being successful in higher-level science courses. The handheld tablet and computer-based ...

    3. Many of the most memorable stories in the history of science revolve around the conscious realization of an idea -- the 'Eureka!' moment. But what triggers these moments? Writing in September's Physics World, Vitor Cardoso talks about how this question led him on a quest of discovery through the web-based project 'The Birth of an Idea,' which he co-founded with artist Ana Souse Carvalho.

    4. A Professor of Experimental Physics at Cambridge University believes the wrong toys are holding back girls who might otherwise go on to develop an interest in science and engineering.

    5. "If you feel you are in a black hole, don't give up. There's a way out!"

    6. Physics Week in Review: August 29, 2015

      Scientific AmericanAug 29 09:32 AM

      Hawking makes headlines, LIDAR makes it big in Hollywood, and how to simulate a hurricane on a bubble are among this week's physics highlights. -- Read more on

    7. Relativity's Reach [Interactive Graphic]

      Scientific AmericanSep 01 06:17 AM

      A visualization of recent physics terms affirms the enduring influence of Einstein’s 100-year-old masterpiece. Give it a try -- Read more on

    8. Using computers to solve physics problems isn't new, but very few introductory courses utilize this technique. I think it's time for a change. The post You Should Be Coding in Your Physics Course appeared first on WIRED .

    9. The following articles are freely available online from Physics Today (, the world's most influential and closely followed magazine devoted to physics and the physical science community.

    10. On October 7, Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics launches the 2015/2016 season of its popular Public Lecture Series -- live, accessible webcasts by some of the world's pre-eminent scientists.

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