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    1. 12 Cities Where Most Workers Don't Have a 401(k)

      U.S.News & World Report via Yahoo! FinanceMay 27 11:41 AM

      Only about half (49 percent) of full-time private sector workers use a workplace retirement plan, according to a Pew Charitable Trust analysis of Census Bureau data. The proportion of workers with access to a retirement plan varies form 71 percent in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Scranton, Pennsylvania, to 23 percent in McAllen, Texas. Cities with low access to retirement benefits are largely ...

    2. 12 Cities Where Most Workers Don’t Have a 401(k)

      US News & World ReportMay 27 11:55 AM

      Fewer than half of employees receive retirement benefits in these metro areas.

    3. 401(k), Roth or SEP: Which Retirement Plan Is Best for You?

      U.S.News & World Report via Yahoo! NewsMay 03 06:00 AM

      If you're worrying about what type of retirement plan is best for you, you're not alone. Pension plans are becoming less and less common, and Social Security as it stands today is essentially doomed to fail unless it undergoes some major systemic changes. With recent studies showing that the median working-age American couple has just $5,000 saved for retirement, it's essential that we figure ...

    4. The Hidden Trap In Your 401(k) Plan

      Forbes via Yahoo! FinanceMay 21 02:39 AM

      Too often, people in 401(k) plans don’t out away enough. Here’s a practical way to remedy that.

    5. 401(k) Fees, Already Low, Are Heading Lower

      The Wall Street Journal via Yahoo! NewsMay 15 05:54 PM

      Companies are stepping up efforts to offer lower-cost 401(k) retirement plans, a trend that has already sharply driven down average fees and is likely to continue. Meanwhile, a new Labor Department rule that would hold financial advisers to higher standards of behavior for retirement accounts will likely lead smaller plans—where fees remain highest—to cut costs, experts say. “I see no end in ...

    6. The board of the Tennessee Valley Authority Retirement System, Knoxville, approved a compromise proposal from the TVA staff and its board of directors that would partially freeze its cash balance pension fund and move some current employees to the 401(k) plan effective Oct. 1, a TVA spokesman said.

    7. Americans have disparate access to retirement plans

      Associated Press via Yahoo! NewsMay 24 08:02 AM

      Americans who want to retire may face very unequal paths to get there depending on where they live. Workplace retirement plans, such as 401(k) accounts, have become a critical retirement savings tool for ...

    8. How good is your 401(k) plan?

      Houston ChronicleMay 10 04:51 PM

      The Dallas attorney and I spent so much time talking about 401(k) plans over the last 25 years that we co-authored a 2001 National Center for Policy Analysis paper on how to "reinvent" 401(k) plans so more workers could retire in security, not despair. Good progress has been made since then, but thousands of plans are still cookie-cutter creations designed by the financial services industry, for...

    9. Retirement plans have long been used by employers to attract new talent. For years, defined benefit plans (i.e. pension plans) were in vogue.

    10. Yes, 401Ks Are Broken. Let's Fix Them

      Bloomberg via Yahoo! FinanceMay 20 08:36 AM

      There are much better ways to help employees plan well for retirement.

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      related to retirement pension 401(k) -sports
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