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    1. The new Google logo that was announced today reflects the fact that the search engine giant is going through a number of dramatic changes. At first, the new font was a little unsettling. It's the most dramatic reshaping of the Google logo since 1999, when its six letters ended in a very Yahoo-like exclamation point. But, as the day wore, on the new logo began to make more sense. That's important...

    2. Check out Google’s new logo.

      Washington PostSep 01 09:34 AM

      Whoa, this is new.

    3. Google updates logo, remaking it for the mobile age

      CNET via Yahoo! NewsSep 01 11:17 AM

      The search giant has been full of changes this summer, including an entirely new management structure. The latest one: a new logo.

    4. Introducing the new OnMilwaukee logo

      OnMilwaukee.comSep 03 03:30 AM

      As OnMilwaukee enters its 18th year, we are once again looking at how we do things, what we stand for, and how we can improve. And so we have unveiled a new logo to help steer us on a productive path.

    5. Google is changing its logo and identity, reflecting a digital world centred on mobile devices.

    6. "[Google] wants to make people feel like they are more human and less about being in the guts of the computer." The post Google’s New Logo Is Trying Really Hard to Look Friendly appeared first on WIRED .

    7. New logo shares similarities to Microsoft's new logo and Apple's iconic 90s logo; icon is joined by new Sans-Serif corporate logo

    8. Google has tweaked its logo a few times since its founding 16 years ago, but never so dramatically. The company showed off a new look on its official blog Tuesday. In justifying the change, Google says it needed a new design that would work across the multitude of platforms and devices where you may encounter it. You don’t have to look too closely to see a resemblance to the design behind Google...

    9. Google reveals new look logo 01 12:35 PM

      GOOGLE has unveiled a new logo which is designed to look like the simple printing in a primary school text book.

    10. Google is changing its logo and identity, reflecting a digital world centred on mobile devices.

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