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    1. v3rgEz writes: Outspoken atheist firebrand Christopher Hitchens was never one for understatement, and apparently the FBI took notice. A Freedom of Information request from investigative news site MuckRock has resulted in the release of his 19-page FBI file, including details such as how his interest in socialism in college sparked heightened monitoring when given a scholarship to come to the ...

    2. Peter Hitchens is a lightning rod for the right and someone who baulks at many of today’s received wisdoms so John Duggan couldn’t resist asking him what actually makes him happy.

    3. Violence Is Worse Than Blasphemy

      Time MagazineMay 06 08:27 AM

      "The measure of a truly tolerant society is only seen in its most egregious provocations."

    4. By Mark Hosenball WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Congressional investigators have issued a subpoena demanding that former Clinton White House adviser Sidney Blumenthal testify next month before the House of Representatives committee investigating the 2012 attack on U.S. diplomatic facilities in Benghazi, Libya. The subpoena, a copy of which was made available to Reuters, demands that Blumenthal appear ...

    5. For all their eloquence, New Atheists show little interest in understanding how believers really think or feel

    6. MANILA, May 26, 2015—Heeding the call of the Second Plenary Council of the Philippines (PCP II), college students and young professionals nationwide are taking on the task of upholding the truth of the Catholic faith even as material comfort, pop culture, social media, pornography, and sex vie each for their attention. In an interview, JM [...]

    7. Kurt Vonnegut once famously described book critics as donning armor to battle a hot fudge sundae. Jillian Tamaki takes on Harry Potter in SuperMutant Magic Academy , but she's tossing marshmallows.

    8. State of the Debate

      The Salt Lake TribuneMay 08 08:32 AM

      George Pyle has been a newspaper writer in Kansas, Utah, Upstate New York, and now Utah again, for more than 30 years - most of it as an editorial writer and columnist.

    9. Our shared moral/spiritual core matters. But religion has also promoted some of the worst ideas humanity has known

    10. A withering cultural critic takes aim

      Smoky Mountain NewsApr 29 09:15 AM

      In Withering Slights: The Bent Pin Collection (National Review Books, 2015, ISBN 978-0-9847650-3-4, 186 pages, $24.95), Florence King demonstrates once again why she remains, even in poor health, one of America’s most biting and genuinely funny social and political critics.

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