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    1. Don't rock the boat on the Anzac tradition

      Sydney Morning HeraldApr 26 4:05 AM

      Freedom of speech is all well and good – until you attack our most-revered war commemoration.

    2. How do you solve a problem like radical Islam?

      Sydney Morning HeraldApr 25 17:50 PM

      Another Islamic radical organisation crumpled under the pressure of serious scrutiny last week and shut the doors on its shrinking band of followers.

    3. Jeremy Clarkson once stood to mock the middle-class English culture he represented. But now has nothing left to say beyond “Believe me, I’m very important”. Read more on the blog...

    4. The medium does not matter

      The HinduApr 26 7:07 AM

      Though Russell Grandinetti from Kindle does not wish to get into the physical versus digital books battle, he reiterates that the deciding factor will always be content

    5. By United Press International UPI Almanac for Monday, April 13, 2015

    6. On the 70th anniversary of the execution of this Christian thinker, tensions between history and hagiography are inevitable.

    7. Is belief in Christ a dangerous idea?

      Brisbane TimesApr 02 3:18 AM

      Many people believe more is going on in life than what we can see and touch and measure.

    8. There is no doubt that professional haters and detractors of Nkrumah have made careers out of painting him as the most despicable human being that ever walked the face of the planet, in spite of the fact that he was not superhuman but human like themselves.

    9. They reduce it to thumbs-up, thumbs-down propositions that leave no room for the way most people think about it

    10. While writing his newest book on medicine, the co-inventor of a rotavirus vaccine was surprised by Jesus.

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