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    1. Trump's a carnival barker, but funnier than Stewart. Richard Dawkins is a joke. Sanders and Drudge earn approval

    2. NOTE: This is part 2 of a 3-part interview, read part 1 here . I had a chance to discuss this game-changing stage spectacle with both Christopher and Robert across the last week of June 2015. GE : Christopher, what prompted you to write the novel, Somnivm Devs: The Satanic Dream? CSD: I could probably write yet a whole other book on this question. The God I loved so much in my younger years let...

    3. Omar Sharif: A Legend of Old Hollywood

      The Atlantic via Yahoo! NewsJul 10 12:33 PM

      Omar Sharif, who died at 83 on Friday, will be remembered and mourned by cinephiles for his range and stature as a legend of old celluloid. Prior to his star turn in Lawrence of Arabia, which earned Sharif an Oscar nomination, he had exclusively appeared in Arabic-language films. Christopher Hitchens noted in The Atlantic in 2003 that Sharif attended the same “colonial mock-English private ...

    4. Michael Eisner to Goldie Hawn: Most Beautiful Women Can't Be Funny

      The Atlantic via Yahoo! NewsJul 03 04:15 AM

      Midway through Goldie Hawn and Michael Eisner’s on-stage conversation at the Aspen Ideas Festival on Thursday, the former Disney CEO proposed a theory for what made Hawn stand out in Hollywood over the years. It’s a statement that recalls Christopher Hitchens’s Vanity Fair essay, “Why Aren’t Women Funny?,” which drew big controversy upon its publication in 2007, given the success of women ...

    5. 'Best of Enemies' showcases brainy bloodsport

      Los Angeles TimesJul 31 07:29 AM

      Moviegoers wary of the summer's expensively rendered superhero skirmishes can still find mano-a-mano thrills - all verbal, no less tension-filled - in "Best of Enemies." Robert Gordon and Morgan Neville's pungently entertaining, richly observed documentary revisits the 1968 TV debates between conservative...

    6. ABC paired two pundits from opposite ends of the political spectrum — William F. Buckley Jr. and Gore Vidal — in a series of debates. A new documentary explores the legacy of this war of words.

    7. "In the history of the motion picture business, the number of beautiful, really beautiful women - a Lucille Ball - that are funny, is impossible to find," former Disney CEO Michael Eisner said in a conversation about mindfulness, of all things, with Goldie Hawn at the Aspen Ideas Festival. "The...

    8. NOTE: This is part 1 of a part 2 series which includes a full interview A new stage spectacle is essentially a title match pitting G-d against Satan when Christopher S. Douglas n.d.p. Mark T. Wayne teams with international dramaturg, director, philosopher, and writer Robert Craig Baum to adapt Christopher's novel Somnivm Devs: The Satanic Dream for Vegas and stadium audiences around the globe ...

    9. The documentary looks at the televised debates between Gore Vidal and William F. Buckley and the acrimonious relationship between the two.

    10. Can beautiful women be funny?

      Seattle TimesJul 08 04:14 PM

      Michael Eisner’s comments rekindle a tired discussion about women and comedy.

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