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    1. CHICAGO – A self-professed atheist who grew up in a Christian home says she has been unable to escape an inner awareness that God is with her, thus shedding light on an inward struggle perhaps faced by other non-believers. Elizabeth King is a writer in Chicago who grew up in a devout Christian home. Last week, “The Washington Post” published an opinion piece...

    2. An atheist state lawmaker in Arizona has been barred from offering a prayer at the beginning of legislative sessions after being told that prayers on the house floor must be directed toward God.

    3. Too often, we've failed to acknowledge our own glaring blind spots. Here are a few suggestions as we move forward

    4. ?Hi. I?m an atheist.? The room went silent.

    5. A national atheist group petitioned President Barack Obama to give nonbelievers the same attention and protections as other religious minorities after he recently visited a Baltimore mosque.

    6. Despite growing up in a devout Christian home, Chicago writer Elizabeth King became an atheist. King admitted that she once "belived in the Bible" and "feared hell," but when she became a teenager, she found herself veering away from her family's born again beliefs.

    7. An atheist voter in Iowa asks presidential hopeful Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) how he plans to uphold the rights of those whose beliefs don

    8. An Atheist Attack Backfires

      The Christian PostFeb 08 06:06 AM

      Well known atheist organization, Freedom from Religion Foundation targeted a small midwestern post office in Pittsburg, Kansas, but it couldn't imagine that the removal of one "God Bless America" poster would incite the posting of some 1,500 similar signs.

    9. A poster from Jake's Fireworks now hangs in Sen. Jerry Moran's Kansas office. (@JerryMoran) A Midwestern community has united in a show of patriotism after an atheist organization targeted a local post office’s “God Bless America” poster.

    10. As presidential candidates spent weeks in Iowa, many of them let their religious flags fly high. Donald Trump brought out the Bible his mother gave him. Marco Rubio and Hillary Clinton both spoke about their faith. Even Bernie Sanders, who doesn't participate in organised religion, spoke up about his personal beliefs.

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