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    1. ‘I think I need to start veering it in a new direction; nudging it, pushing it away from the safe banks of the river and over the waterfall of atheism,’ the blog post read

    2. An atheist billboard in Knoxville, Tennessee was taken down after the billboard’s property owner criticized its contents, just five days into its 30-day lease in April.  The billboard, which read “Don’t Believe in God? You’re Not Alone,” was paid for by the Rationalists of East Tennessee, an atheist organization. It cost $1,800.  While the billboard was objected to, many people have voiced their...

    3. The document will be released Thursday at an news conference featuring a Vatican cardinal, a Greek Orthodox theologian and an atheist scientist.

    4. RTÉ plans to make Angelus slot accessible to ‘all faiths and none’

    5. The Freedom From Religion Foundation, an atheist group committed to maintaining the separation of church and state in the U.S., says it will consider filing a lawsuit against a Florida sheriff if he doesn't stop preaching at churches while wearing his uniform and using his official government title at the pulpit.

    6. RELIGION: The stigma of non-belief

      The Sierra Vista HeraldJul 03 12:43 AM

      When polled, most people will say they don’t know any “nontheists” or humanists.  This may be, because the stigma associated with non-belief often keeps people from sharing their views. It’s quite possible that your friendly neighbor or co-worker is keeping a low profile on being an agnostic for fear of being judged for their secular views, or worse, being labeled an  atheist. “ Atheist has been...

    7. Forget Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins. The new atheists don't have the final word on godlessness

    8. Two atheist groups are in the process of suing Levy County, Florida, for displaying the Ten Commandments on government property. The county’s school board has also received complaints from the Freedom From Religion Foundation. Florida-based Williston Atheists and American Atheist Inc., a group based in New Jersey, have issued complaints in federal court over the Ten Commandments' placement at ...

    9. The British Humanist Association recently announced that it is sending free copies of The Young Atheist’s Handbook to prisons and juvenile offender institutions across the UK. It’s not the first mass donation — the org has also given copies of The Young Atheist’s Handbook to secondary schools across England and Wales, and has raised money ‘Young Atheist’s Handbook’ Distributed To Prisons is an ...

    10. Why does a Jew write for Atheists?

      The Jewish Journal of Greater Los AngelesJun 08 06:03 PM

      “Are you an atheist?” No, I explained. I’m a Jew. “Then why are you writing a book about atheists?” I’ve run into this line of questioning a lot.

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