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  1. Content is king, but not all content is created equal. Good content requires a bigger investment than Fiverr.

  2. There is no point targeting a high volume keyword if you have little chance of breaking into the first page of Google. So how do you determine how difficult it will be to rank for a given keyword? Find out how Ahrefs can help! The post How to Select “Rankable” Keywords to Target Using Ahrefs by @sejournal appeared first on Search Engine Journal .

  3. Angling for better site ranking can feel like being lost in the wilderness, until you recognize the right landmarks.

  4. What does link-building look like right now? What tactics work? Is it all abut quality content or do more shady tactics still get results?

  5. Define your target customer's influencers and make them an integral part of your content strategy.

  6. Beware of shady link schemes from black-hat SEOs

    Search Engine LandJun 27 09:59 AM

    Have you received an offer for a link that seems too good to be true? According to columnist Tony Edward, it probably is.

  7. Look, I’ll level with you, I’ve pretty much just spent the week staring open mouthed at the internet while one more UK political crisis collapses into the next. You probably have too.

  8. When beginning to track and analyze how your SEO campaign is performing, there are many tools and resources at your disposal. Use this guide for more info. The post Forever a Student: SEO Tools and Resources for Further Education by @Ryan1SEO appeared first on Search Engine Journal .

  9. Columnist Ian Bowden has created a checklist for SEOs to help troubleshoot losses in rankings and organic traffic.

  10. This article will go through the types of content marketing metrics that can help you in terms of consolidating your long term marketing vision. The post How to Measure the Success of Content Marketing by @cognitiveSEO appeared first on Search Engine Journal .

  1. Ads
    related to backlinks
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