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    1. Imagine hearing it was possible to eat chocolate every day and actually have better skin because of it.

    2. Truly an attack that strikes at the creamy centre of the cybersecurity community: A Cadbury chocolate factory in Tasmania, Australia, has been hit by the Petya cyberattack currently sweeping ...

    3. ...sugar-consuming companies include Tootsie Roll Industries (TR), Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory (RMCF), Mondēlez International (MDLZ), and Hershey (HSY..., Robusta Up in the Week Ended June 23 Part 3 - How Cocoa Prices Traded during the Week Ended June 23 Part 4 - How ...

    4. Here's the bottom line on chocolate, avocados, butter, apple cider vinegar, and more.

    5. Chocolate Lovers Could Benefit From Lower Risk Of Atrial Fibrillation

      International Business Times via Yahoo News2 days ago

      But this study isn’t necessarily an excuse to add excess chocolate into your diet. The health benefits of chocolate, derived from cocoa, long have been debated. Many chocolates ...

    6. Someone's favourite cake flavour says a lot about them. Those who favour vanilla might be a bit classy, and chocolate fiends are a good time. Lemon lovers keep it clean, and misunderstood folks go for the red velvet.

    7. How Nestlé Expanded Beyond the Kitchen

      New York Times17 hours ago

      Small farmers could then sell the cocoa to the world’s big chocolate makers. A New York Times investigation later found that the widely cited number of 15,000 child slaves working ...

    8. Organic milk chocolate Organic milk chocolate is rich in both cocoa and milk. The taste of cocoa is comparatively less in organic milk chocolate than in organic ...

    9. Government officials reported major disruption to the power grid, banks and government offices in Ukraine

    10. Dr Saleyha Ahsan and Dr Michael Mosley want to help you get your head around the baffling diet advice out there.

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