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    1. The symbolism of the Louisiana governor’s effort to grant impunity to same-sex marriage discrimination outstrips its legal import.

    2. Louisiana Senate Passes Equal Pay For Equal Work Bill Louisiana Senate Passes Equal Pay For Equal Work Bill Economy Politics Louisiana, State, Senate, Equal Pay, Fair Pay, Gender Gap, Women Has Been Optimized The Louisiana State Senate passed an equal pay protection bill aimed at closing the gender gap. Louisiana is ranked 49th in the U.S. regarding fair pay for the same work. The bill is moving...

    3. The Waggonner Center for Civic Engagement and Public Policy at Louisiana Tech University will host Dr. T. Wayne Parent, the Russell B. Long Professor of Political Science at Louisiana State University, at 2:00 p.m. May 12, for its final presentation of the 2014-2015 academic year.

    4. UPDATE: Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal issued an Executive Order late Tuesday to protect religious liberty and prevent the state from discriminating against those with deeply held religious beliefs.

    5. Politics in paradise: Alabama governor mansion in disrepair

      Associated Press via Yahoo! NewsMay 24 08:54 AM

      GULF SHORES, Ala. (AP) — With boarded-up windows, peeling paint and a rooftop tarp that flaps in the ocean breeze, the beachfront retreat at the end of Gulf Way Drive is a $1 million eyesore in paradise.

    6. Given speculation about an imminent presidential run, more than a few in Louisiana were quick to dismiss as political calculation Gov. Bobby Jindal's decision Tuesday to issue an executive order that ...

    7. Gov. Bobby Jindal Warns Corporations Not To Oppose His Anti-Gay Executive Order (Video) Gov. Bobby Jindal Warns Corporations Not To Oppose His Anti-Gay Executive Order (Video) Business Politics GovernorBobbyJindal Has Been Optimized Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal signed an executive order on May 19 that he says (video below) will protect businesses from being punished by the state government if ...

    8. Why it’s a mistake to dismiss Bobby Jindal

      Stars and StripesMay 13 08:29 AM

      Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal’s supporters argue retail politics is one of his great strengths, and they promise that will be a huge asset as he woos attendees of the Iowa caucuses.

    9. The action turns to South Carolina today where Hillary Rodham Clinton and Carly Fiorina hold campaign events.

    10. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal Issues Executive Order On Failed Religious Freedom Law Gov. Bobby Jindal Issues Religious Freedom Executive Order In Louisiana Bobby Jindal Issues Executive Order Which Will Allow Discrimination Againt Same-Sex Couples In Louisiana Louisiana Gov. Jindal Enacts Religious Rights Law Via Executive Order Politics bobby jindal, louisiana, religious freedom, law, executive...

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