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    1. Dems win big in Louisiana

      CNNNov 22 11:31 AM

      As he conceded, Vitter announced he's retiring from the Senate when his term ends, rather than running for re-election in 2016.

    2. NEW ORLEANS -- Fear of Syrian refugees has inflamed the final days of the already bitterly contested Louisiana gubernatorial race. Both candidates -- Republican Sen. David Vitter and Democratic state Rep. John Bel Edwards -- have echoed current Gov. Bobby Jindal's position that after the Islamic State atrocities in Paris, no more refugees should be sent here, and have attacked each other as too...

    3. The mother of all attack ads just landed in the Louisiana governor's race

      Business Insider via Yahoo! FinanceNov 06 02:06 PM

      Things escalated quickly in Louisiana politics Friday. John Bel Edwards, the Democrat running in...

    4. State Representative John Bel Edwards beat Senator David Vitter in a race characterized by personal attacks and a fractured Republican Party saddled with a deeply unpopular incumbent.

      Louisiana picks Democrat John Bel Edwards as ne... - Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune

    5. Despite the gubernatorial victory by Democrat John Bel Edwards in Louisiana on Saturday, Republicans still have a stranglehold on Dixie.

      After victory, Edwards starts piecing together t... - Associated Press via Yahoo! News

    6. Who Will Replace Louisiana’s David Vitter in Senate?

      Wall Street Journal BlogsNov 23 12:06 PM

      The race to replace Sen. David Vitter in the Senate next year is likely to involve dueling doctors and a host of the state's other top Republicans.

    7. Louisiana Voters Not Swayed by Refugee Claims in Governor's Race

      Bloomberg via Yahoo! FinanceNov 22 11:35 AM

      Republican U.S. Senator David Vitter tried in the final days to make the Louisiana governor’s race about President Barack Obama and the potential for Islamic terrorists to infiltrate the U.S. posing as ...

      Louisiana picks Democrat as next governor, reje... - Associated Press via Yahoo! News

    8. Sen. David Vitter's political career is coming to an end, in part because the eight-year-old scandal of allegedly hiring prostitutes proving, finally, to be too much to overcome.

    9. Louisiana: The Donkey's Narrow Path

      The Huffington PostNov 17 12:53 PM

      Soon Louisiana will have a governor named Edwards or one who is a philanderer -- but, for a change, not both at the same time. Edwin Edwards once embodied the politics of Louisiana. A charming south Louisiana Democrat, he once bragged, "the only way I can lose an election in Louisiana is to be caught in bed with a dead girl or a live boy." The 'Silver Fox' won four elections for governor from ...

    10. Louisiana Governor-Elect Vows Budget Changes

      The Wall Street JournalNov 22 07:13 PM

      Democrat John Bel Edwards’s improbable win in the Louisiana’s governor’s race on Saturday could set off a domino chain of changes in the state, including the likely expansion of Medicaid eligibility and a call for a special legislative session to deal with a looming billion-dollar budget gap.

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