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    1. Security bills raise critical questions

      The Japan TimesMay 22 03:58 AM

      Prime Minister Shinzo Abe takes every opportunity to play up the benefits of security legislation that his administration has sent to the Diet and dismisses the potential risks to which the proposed bills could expose the nation and its Self-Defense Forces.

    2. Richard Tomkins CANBERRA, Australia, May 20 (UPI) -- Bushmaster protected mobility vehicles of the Australian military are to receive upgraded remote weapons systems from Electro Optic Systems.

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    4. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe rebuffed criticism on Wednesday that the government’s contentious security legislation would put Self-Defense Forces personnel at greater risk, saying they would provide logistics support in areas that are safe.

    5. Japan could exercise the right to collective self-defense if an attack on a friendly country were to cause an energy shortage in Japan, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said Monday in reference to two security bills his administration has submitted to the Diet.

    6. Jurors at a murder trial highlighting Nevada's stand your ground law must decide whether an elderly Sparks man is a premeditated killer or justifiably acted in self-defense when he fatally shot one unarmed trespasser and seriously wounded another, lawyers on both sides said Tuesday.

    7. The International Krav Maga Federation in Davao (IKMF Davao) will be holding a series of workshops this weekend—for learners of all ages. Krav Maga self-defense for the Dabawenyo families to… »

    8. Defense bills remain problematic

      The Japan TimesMay 15 11:44 AM

      A package of legislation that would enable Japan to engage in collective self- defense and significantly expand the scope of Self- Defense Forces’ overseas missions has finally reached the Diet. The bills would change Japan’s postwar defense posture under the Constitution’s war-renouncing Article 9 — which limited the nation’s military action to defense-only defense, or repelling an enemy attack...

    9. TOKYO — A year after Japan eased a longstanding ban on military exports, barely a trickle of deals has formed... more »

    10. What's for sale as Japan eases military exports rule

      Associated Press via Yahoo! NewsMay 12 11:09 PM

      TOKYO (AP) — As Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe oversees an increase to the country's military capability, he has also eased a decades-old ban on military exports, enabling defense contractors to expand their markets beyond Japan's Self-Defense Forces. Here are some export or technology transfer deals Japan is pursuing:

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