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    1. Critics of Massachusetts proposals to extend non-discrimination protections to transgender people in restaurants, schools or any place that accommodates the public said the state should instead focus on the privacy rights of children and women.

    2. We hear a counterargument to our conversation earlier this week about how to accommodate transgender people in gyms.

    3. Malaysia's highest court on Thursday dismissed a challenge to a ban on cross-dressing, dealing a major setback to the battle for the rights of the country's transgender community, as Islamic conservatism grows in the Southeast Asian country. Muslim-majority Malaysia's image as a promoter of moderate Islam has eroded in recent years as authorities and political figures push for stricter measures...

    4. Title: Transgender Discrimination Linked to Risky Health Behaviors Category: Health News Created: 10/2/2015 12:00:00 AM Last Editorial Review: 10/5/2015 12:00:00 AM

    5. "I never really thought of myself as beautiful when I was young," Geena Rocero told Galore

    6. Destiny's most recent expansion, The Taken King, is centered around a transgender character. Oryx is the titular character of Destiny: The Taken King, and he’s a transgender male character. This is a big deal: A high profile video game from a AAA publisher had released with its titular character a transgender man.

    7. Keisha Jenkins, a 22-year-old transgender woman from Philadelphia, was recently beaten and shot to death by a group of men, according to police, who said they are investigating whether her gender identity played a role in the slaying. Jenkins is at least the 20th trans woman killed in the United States this year -- and the 18th trans woman of color, according to a report and statement published...

    8. Geena Rocero has been open about her journey of being a transgender model, and although being genuine about who she is was a struggle in itself, there were other hurdles that the brunette beauty...

    9. Southern Comfort is a Georgia-based transgender group celebrating its 25th anniversary More than 400 trans allies and activists attended the 2015 conference in Broward The group is open to anyone if ‘transgender is an issue in your life’ … Click to Continue »

    10. A bathroom bill drafted by Republican lawmakers in Wisconsin is causing controversy this week, as it would essentially ban transgender students from using the restrooms of the gender with which they identify, WKOW reports. Rep. Jesse Kremer, (R-Kewaskum) told the station that the idea for his bill came to him after a school in his district provided a faculty restrooom to a transgender student ...

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