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    1. LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- According to the latest market study released by Technavio, the global electronic insect killer market is expected to reach USD 234.80 million by 2021 ...

    2. Insect killer stored near back door. Clothing rack, pillow and blankets, dog food on table, dog bed, dog training pads on floor and dog bowl found in back room. Items removed.

    3. INADAYS InaTrap This is an elegant electronic insect killer that also doubles as a night light. It even has a fan that’s supposed to suck up bug-bodies. Pick one up for around ...

    4. Prophet Theo Bongani Maseko of the Breath of Christ Ministries gives his congregants engine cleaning fluid during church services believing it can cure them.

    5. Lyme disease is a mysterious, chronic condition that can lead to devastating symptoms, and a new study suggests the ticks that spread it may be increasing in numbers.

    6. Hong Kong has reared three generations of martial-arts stars — from the legendary “Little Dragon” Bruce Lee (no relation) and Shaolin Master Killer’s Gordon Liu, to Jackie Chan and Crouching ...

    7. U.S. National Park Service and CDC advise using insect repellents on clothes and skin

    8. Despite massive reshoots, behind-the-scenes drama, and indignant Max Brooks fans complaining the insect-like swarms of undead wreaking havoc across the world bore little resemblance to ...

    9. Other voices: Crazy ants marching through Texas

      Denton Record-ChronicleJan 06 09:11 PM

      Their studies focus on two avenues: A killer fungus that attacks the ant’s nervous system, and a tiny fly that lays eggs in the ant’s head, after which the hatchling larva feasts on the ...

    10. Black Widow Poised On My Back

      ForbesJan 12 02:18 PM

      Pre-Black Monday, interest rates for AAA credits ticked above 8%, a killer number for deals. I was there. Net, net of the whole thing, I’m more comfortable with a 15 P/E ratio, not 18 ...

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