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  1. The lime green beetle appears suspended in time, wings outspread to reveal an unexpected interior of tiny metal gears — wheels and pinions, springs, levers and ratchets. It looks as though ...

  2. The ladybug is a tiny insect with hind wings four times its size. Like an origami master, it folds them up into a neat package, tucking them away within a slender sliver of space ...

  3. Citrus is a staple crop of San Bernardino County, with a rich history that traces as far back as the 1800s. Unfortunately, this citrus heritage is under serious threat by an infectious disease ...

  4. Hunting for moths in the night garden

    The Guardian22 hours ago

    An upland species, this large moth keeps its red-flushed wings tightly rolled around its abdomen, narrowing to a point to resemble a fragment of woodchip. With a head like a shaven pencil ...

  5. Blue Dasher dragonflies beat the Lowcountry heat by standing on their heads

  6. 'Bug Man' shares advice before retirement

    The Purdue Exponent2 days ago

    Tom Turpin has two favorite insects: the Western Corn Rootworm and Praying Mantis, the former being the “Bug Man’s” focus of research. “I’ve really come to appreciate that insect ...

  7. My favorite segment was about how flying fish can use their wings to escape their super-fast and efficient underwater predators called dorados.

  8. Garden insects are a work of art

    The Lock Haven Express4 days ago

    Some garden insect pests are pretty to look at while others are downright ugly. Add in a black head and some black spots on their sides and you have a “work of art” that should be trashed ...

  9. Airline has since compensated the travelers.

  10. Aster Leafhoppers in Alfalfa

    Dairy Herd5 days ago

    These insects are not host specific, and they feed on a wide variety of plants including alfalfa.

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