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  1. Insects in the Backyard's nachos with deep-fried grasshoppers, white and red crickets and silkworms are Tantragarn's favorite creation. "That's because you can taste the bugs." Since ...

  2. “It's like a minute in a day, 99 million years ago,” says Nascimbene, who runs the American Museum of Natural History’s Fossil Insect Lab. The discovery, detailed today in the journal ...

  3. The insect, he said, “is greatly changing our forest environment. Without healthy, resilient forests, you don’t have animals like we have here...’s efforts to conserve flora and fauna ...

  4. State: New insect threatens crops

    The Cooperstown Crier6 days ago

    Officials said because of where the insect was found, it likely entered the state dead and did not lay eggs. This is the first instance of the species being spotted in New York.

  5. Fly-tying contest has 10 categories

    Baxter Bulletin6 days ago

    As I was drifting, I thought this day would probably be better suited to tying flies rather than fishing. While we all need to restock our fly boxes after a long busy season, the Sowbug Roundup ...

  6. The research identifies outliers - night-flying butterflies and day-tripping moths - and pinpoints nearly 50 shifts from nocturnal to daytime behavior over the insects' evolutionary history ...

  7. Stoneflies are a sign of clean water

    The Martinsburg Journal6 days ago

    Stoneflies (Plecoptera) are a large group with hundreds of species. Winter stoneflies are small and dark-colored to absorb the weak winter sun. Stoneflies are very common but are seldom noticed ...

  8. Master Gardening: The praying mantis

    York Daily Record7 days ago

    If a bee or fly happens to land within its reach, the praying mantis will extend its arms with lightning quick speed, and grab the hapless insect.

  9. Home & Garden Briefs for December 8

    The Martinsburg Journal2 days ago

    What makes insects jump? There are plenty of reasons There are several things an insect can do to escape an enemy. It can fly if it has wings or run if it doesn’t. It ..

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